How to Fight Racism – Jemar Tisby

How to Fight Racism should be required study for the white evangelical church. Jemar Tisby writes with razor-sharp clarity and precision, defining each and every one of his terms in exacting manner. Tisby doesn’t just […]

Kingdom Encounters Tony Evans

Kingdom Encounters – Tony Evans

In Kingdom Encounters, Tony Evans leads readers on a journey to seek God beneath the superficial and to develop a real, substantial, experiential relationship with their Creator. Too often, our Christian faith lives in the […]

Keeping Christmas Allison Pittman

Keeping Christmas – Allison Pittman

I have to admit, I wasn’t quite sold on A Christmas Carol-themed Advent books. As the tradition of Advent as become more popular outside of liturgical denominations and contexts, Advent devotionals have become sought-after ways […]

Shadow Christians Jeff Iorg

Shadow Christians – Jeff Iorg

The majority of Christians live in the shadows. Not that they’re “secret” Christians. Not that they don’t want to be outed as Christian. Not that they blend in with the world so much that you […]

Whole Vicki Losson

Whole – Vicki Losson

Divorce. It’s a devastating word, particularly within the church. Divorce can bring shame or guilt. It brings stress and anxiety. It’s a cause for grief and sadness. A relationship that should never have been broken […]

Begin Again Max Lucado

Begin Again – Max Lucado

Back in March, the very same week that the world went into lockdown amid efforts to curtail COVID, I read through an advance copy of Max Lucado’s book You Are Never Alone. That book took […]