Airborne – DiAnn Mills

Airborne Diann Mills
Airborne by DiAnn Mills
Also by this author: Fatal Strike, Deadly Encounter, High Treason, Deep Extraction, Where Tomorrow Leads, Long Walk Home, Trace of Doubt, Trace of Doubt, Concrete Evidence
Published by Tyndale on April 28, 2020
Genres: Fiction, Christian, Suspense
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Heather Lawrence's long-awaited vacation to Salzburg wasn't supposed to go like this. Mere hours into the transatlantic flight, the Houston FBI agent is awakened when passengers begin exhibiting horrific symptoms of an unknown infection. As the virus quickly spreads and dozens of passengers fall ill, Heather fears she's witnessing an epidemic similar to ones her estranged husband studies for a living--but this airborne contagion may have been deliberately released.
While Heather remains quarantined with other survivors, she works with her FBI colleagues to identify the person behind this attack. The prime suspect? Dr. Chad Lawrence, an expert in his field . . . and Heather's husband. The Lawrences' marriage has been on the rocks since Chad announced his career took precedence over his wife and future family and moved out.
As more victims fall prey days after the initial outbreak, time's running out to hunt down the killer, one who may be closer to the victims than anyone ever expected.

Airborne by DiAnn Mills caught my attention from the moment I saw the cover—“A killer virus is unleashed, and it’s up to her to stop it.” Part of me cringed. Another segment of me gave an ironic laugh. A book about a mysterious virus when the world is in the middle of a pandemic. What timing. When I read the summary, though, my laughter disappeared, and I knew I had to read it. It sounded absolutely fascinating…and different enough from COVID that I could escape into it. A deadly and unknown virus, unleashed on a plane? The main character, a female FBI behavioral analyst? Airborne was right up my alley.

Heather Lawrence just wants to travel to Salzburg, Germany for a music festival. She needs a vacation. Her job is stressful, her relationship with her husband is strained, and she knows divorce is in her future. She is an independent woman; Heather does not need Dr. Chad Lawrence, who is an expert in infectious diseases. Her vacation suddenly turns into a nightmare as other travelers suddenly develop symptoms. Authorities thrust the asymptomatic passengers into quarantine whey land (including Heather), while the sickly are taken to a hospital.

Meanwhile, suspicion lands on Dr. Chad Lawrence. He has the motive, skills, and the resources to create such a lethal virus. Heather does not know what to think, but she is determined to find the answers. Working with her colleagues at the FBI, she will not let the killer get away with his crime…even if it is her estranged husband.

I have four words regarding Airborne by DiAnn Mills: I LOVED THIS BOOK. The plot was well developed and so believable it was scary. Although the topic was technical, the author did not overcomplicate anything. I struggled through one of the books I recently read because it had so much specific information that I felt overwhelmed. It gave me a headache, to be honest, and I struggled through it because I sometimes got lost. I did not have that problem with Airborne, though. DiAnn Mills presented everything so succinctly, so simply, that it was like a breath of fresh air. Intense analysis was not necessary; I could read and enjoy the novel without feeling as if I were drowning.

God played such an integral role in Airborne, but it was not overwhelming. Mills did not preach at me, or beat me over the head with fire and brimstone. Instead, she interlaced faith, redemption, and forgiveness in such a beautiful way. It never felt forced. Not only that, it didn’t…romanticize God. He’s perfect and omniscient, but He doesn’t always provide the clearest guidance when we ask it of Him. Sometimes, He asks us to take a step out in faith and let Him handle the unknown. He wants us to find peace in Him, even in the midst of struggle and/or mystery. I think that a message we all probably need to remember during this crazy time. His peace can still be found, even during trials of death and sickness. Airborne by DiAnn Mills demonstrates that in such a believable—and relatable—manner.

When I finished Airborne, I immediately took it to my mother and dropped it in her lap. Do not let the weirdness and question marks of 2020 steer you away from this novel. Although the topic may be a little too relatable right now, this thrilling piece of literature is a breath of fresh air. It demonstrates that good can come of evil, and that God overcomes.