Prayers for the Pilgrimage: A Book of Collects for All of Life – W. David O. Taylor and Phaedra Taylor

This book of written prayers engages with topics from everyday life, reflecting lots of different concerns and common requests to God. In the introduction, W. David O. Taylor describes his experience writing daily prayers throughout […]


The Unhurried Pastor: Redefining Productivity for a More Sustainable Ministry – Brian Croft and Ronnie Martin

It’s generally acknowledged in Christian circles that being a pastor is an incredibly demanding job, and that it’s difficult to balance the always-on pressures of ministry with personal needs. For example, people talk a lot […]


Gospel Media – Nicholas Elder

How did we get the Bible? That’s a huge question and the answer is way more complicated than I went to the local Christian bookstore.” But even when we try to go deeper—to talk about […]


being here – Pádraig Ó Tuama

To understand being here: Prayers for Curiosity, Justice, and Love you have to understand two things: liturgy and living in the moment. For me, this book was a personal journey on learning about both. I […]