Disabling Leadership: A Practical Theology for the Broken Body of Christ – Andrew T. Draper, Jody Michele, and Andrea Mae

This unique book shares theological insights and practical ideas for how churches can empower people with disabilities to take leadership roles in the church. The authors reflect on how well-meaning disability ministries often end up […]


He Gives More Grace: 30 Hope-Filled Reflections for the Ups and Downs of Motherhood – Sarah Walton and Linda Green

This 30-day devotional offers encouragement for Christian mothers as they deal with life’s challenges. Sarah Walton wrote this with her mother, Linda Green, and they each cover different topics from their own perspectives, speaking to […]

Children's Books

Bible Investigators: Creation: Puzzles and Activities for Independent Learning – Danika Cooley

This Bible study book for kids includes lots of teaching content, interspersed with many different puzzles and activities. This book includes six sections with thirty chapters total, and they cover the creation narrative from Genesis, […]


The Story of Abortion in America: A Street-Level History, 1652–2022 – Marvin Olasky and Leah Savas

The Story of Abortion in America explores the presence of abortion throughout American history in great and nuanced detail, bringing hidden histories to light, introducing colorful characters, and showing how people’s attitudes and beliefs about […]