Tongue-Tied Sara Wenger Shenk

Tongue-Tied – Sara Shenk

Evangelism has kind of gotten a bad reputation. First, you have the connection to evangelicalism—which is increasingly seen as a polarizing political identity more than a theological one. Then you have all the ways in […]

Legacy of Ash Matthew Ward

Legacy of Ash – Matthew Ward

When I was younger, I loved fantasy. I thrived on traveling into a new world, my imagination turning the words on the page into colorful, vibrant pictures. In really good books, I would create a […]

The Rose Code Kate Quinn

The Rose Code – Kate Quinn

The Rose Code by Kate Quinn is historical fiction, set during and after WWII. It follows the friendship between three women, all working at Bletchley Park, the top-secret home of England’s brightest codebreakers. Osla, Mab, […]


The Sunlit Lands: A Conversation with Matt Mikalatos Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSSIn 2018, Matt Mikalatos released book one of his fantasy trilogy The Sunlit Lands. Imagine, if you will, that C.S. Lewis was writing to teenagers […]