My Dad Has a Beard – Kellen Roggenbuck

My Dad Has a Beard Kellen Roggenbuck
My Dad Has a Beard by Kellen Roggenbuck
Also by this author: The Awkward Dinosaurs, Hard-Working Mermaids
Published by KR Publishing on April 1, 2017
Genres: Children's
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This story documents a little boy's reflections on the perfection of having a bearded dad! It is silly and fun, with colorful illustrations and some serious Dad love! It makes the perfect gift for a new bearded dad or a youngster who' got a bearded dad and is learning to read! Fun for the whole family, a hit from author/illustrator Kellen Roggenbuck.

My Dad Has a Beard is a book about all kinds of dads and their various facial hair types. Long beards, short beards, mustaches, ear hair, even no hair at all! But mainly this is the story of Dad, his beard, how the beard came to be, and how the beard is useful. It’s a humorous, well-illustrated story that pays homage to dads and their beards.

The kid narrator goes through how the beard is useful: you can store toys in it, you can pretend it’s your head hair, and you can even swing from it (ouch!). Narrator talks about how dad looks like Santa, but young; how he could be a pirate or a lumberjack. Maybe he’ll even have a big beard when he grows up too!

It’s a simply story and Roggenbuck makes the most of it. It’s the perfect gift for Dads with beards. You could even pair it with Great Beards of History. (Kellen is pretty stoked about beards, it seems.) It’s also a good conversation starter, teaching kids to ask questions about their family and envision their parents as younger and looking different. It’s imaginative, prompting readers to imagine what their dads look like. I highly recommend it all kids of bearded dads and note that it is best read by a bearded dad, though others can read it as well.