Welcome to BibleWorld: Explore All 66 Books of the Bible – Mike Nappa and Emilano Migliardo

Welcome to BibleWorld: Explore All 66 Books of the Bible by Mike Nappa, Emilano Migliardo
Also by this author: Dream within a Dream
Published by Good Book Company on March 20, 2022
Genres: Children's, Bible Stories
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This seek-and-find activity book will help kids get to know the Bible in a fun and engaging way.

You’ve heard of Disney World; now welcome to Bible World!

This seek-and-find book visualizes various Bible genres as a series of “lands” in a theme park with detailed, fun and colorful Where’s Waldo-style illustrations.

As children explore these Bible "lands", they’ll discover for themselves the way Scripture has been collected and organized—from Genesis to Revelation. They will also see the main theme that runs throughout the Bible—God’s promise of a rescuing King and its fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

Explanations of the different Bible genres are included, as well as specific Bible heroes and events for children to spot. It’s a fun and engaging way for kids to learn more about the Bible.

Welcome to BibleWorld cleverly imagines different parts of Scripture as a theme park, with each section of the park representing a subset of the Bible, such as the Minor Prophets, the gospels, and Paul’s letters. The book explores the Bible from beginning to end in a unique and funny way, with text from Mike Nappa to guide the reader and detailed seek-and-find illustrations from Emilano Migliardo. This book is similar to the Where’s Waldo? series, and I pored over the pages for about forty-five minutes to find all of the hidden images.

Many elements of this book made me laugh, like “Solomon’s Smoochies” as The Tunnel of Love in the “Poets’ Paradise” spread. There are lots of funny details for people to recognize, and the seek-and-find guide includes Bible references for each of the hidden objects readers are looking for. For example, there is a hidden shepherd’s staff in “Poets’ Paradise,” with Psalm 23:1 as the reference. This book is a delightfully unconventional way to explore the Bible, and Mike Nappa provides simple, child-friendly explanations of each section of the Bible.

I highly recommend Welcome to BibleWorld as both a teaching resource and a fun read. I enjoyed finding every hidden detail, and would recommend this book for elementary-aged kids, teens, and adults. Although other seek-and-find books from the Good Book Company are geared towards younger children, this one is satisfyingly complex and difficult for older readers, and the humor throughout also skews towards an older age. However, this could be a great activity for younger children if they are doing it with an older sibling or a parent who can help guide them and provide hints. Overall, I found this book quirky, fun, and delightful, and I will definitely buy copies as gifts in the future.