Mimetic Theory and Middle-earth – Matthew J. Distefano

Mimetic Theoy and Middle-earth. Don’t let the title scare you, Matthew Distefano’s perspective on JRR Tolkien’s legendarium through the lens of mimetic theory isn’t some academic text about some obscure philosophy. Instead—read the subtitle—this is […]

Children's Books

Here & There – Thea Lu

My six-year-old is a world traveler. In the short time he’s been alive, we’ve lived in six houses in six different cities across three states and two countries and had holidays in even more. As […]

Children's Books

Home – Isabelle Simler

Home is the perfect example of using various media to make learning come to life. The art is absolutely stunning. Even with no text, only as a book of art, this would be a book […]

Children's Books

Water – Olga Fadeeva

Water. It’s the stuff of life. Following their previous book, Wind, Russian author and illustrator Olga Fadeeva takes young readers into an informative and engaging conversation about the liquid of life. Each two-page panel in […]


Gospel Media – Nicholas Elder

How did we get the Bible? That’s a huge question and the answer is way more complicated than I went to the local Christian bookstore.” But even when we try to go deeper—to talk about […]


being here – Pádraig Ó Tuama

To understand being here: Prayers for Curiosity, Justice, and Love you have to understand two things: liturgy and living in the moment. For me, this book was a personal journey on learning about both. I […]