Sleep Like Me Tatia Nadareishvili
Children's Books

Sleep Like Me – Tatia Nadareishvili

A perfect bedtime book, Sleep Like Me explores the different ways animals sleep as seen through the eyes of a young boy trying to find the perfect sleeping position. You and your children will laugh […]


Play Dead: A Conversation with Ted Dekker

Play Dead: An Exclusive Interview with Ted Dekker Ted Dekker’s latest novel, Play Dead, just released and is his first solo thriller in nine years. Josh Olds recently talked with Ted in this Life is Story exclusive. Play […]

The Art of Dying Rob Moll

The Art of Dying – Rob Moll

When I think of a good death, there is a phrase and a person who comes to mind. The phrase comes from Scripture, one repeated five times throughout the Old Testament: “old and full of […]

Gospel Driven Ministry Jared C Wilson

Gospel-Driven Ministry – Jared C. Wilson

Pastors should be aware that Wilson is Southern Baptist and Gospel-Driven Ministry reflects that background. In the opening pages of Wilson’s introduction to the calling and work of a pastor, he is overtly clear that […]

Play Dead Ted Dekker

Play Dead – Ted Dekker

A thoughtful mind-trip of a thriller, Play Dead is the Dekker novel you’ve been craving. It’s been two years since Ted Dekker’s last non-children’s book and nine years since his last real solo thriller. It’s […]

A Piece of the Moon Chris Fabry

A Piece of the Moon – Chris Fabry

A Piece of the Moon is a love letter to old-time small-town radio wrapped within a character-driven story of brokenness and redemption that takes place amid an enthralling treasure hunt. The hunt itself is almost […]

A Piece of the Moon Chris Fabry background

A Piece of the Moon: A Conversation with Chris Fabry Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSSChris Fabry had his start in small-town radio and years later—now with his own nationally syndicated show and dozens of bestselling novels—he’s returning that nostalgic […]