When Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Enough: A Shooting Survivor’s Journey into the Realities of Gun Violence – Taylor S. Schumann

When I first became aware of this book, I expected it to be like the gun control threads that I have read on Twitter. The memoir element of the book greatly interested me, but I […]

Posting Peace Douglas Bursch

Posting Peace – Douglas Bursch

I haven’t always been the best on social media. I need to begin this review by admitting that. Ever since about 2015, social media has been divisive. I mean, life has been divisive. Politics have […]

Radiant Church Tara Beth Leach

Radiant Church – Tara Beth Leach

I have watched the past few years as the prevailing cultural expression of American Christianity—white evangelicalism—has absolutely destroyed its credibility and witness. Looking back, I can tell that the cracks had been there for a […]

Hinge Moments D Michael Lindsay

Hinge Moments – D. Michael Lindsay

Hinge Moments. They’re the key points of opportunity that change our lives—whether we realize it or not. Some hinge moments we see coming years in advance. As a youth pastor, I helped students navigate one […]

Permission to be Black AD Thomason

Permission to be Black – AD Thomason

Permission to be Black wasn’t written for me, but I learned from it. Writing to Black Americans, A.D. Thomason encourages them to tear off their task, do the hard work of processing their generational trauma, […]