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Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Family Bible Devotional: 15 Days Exploring How We Can Talk with God – Katy Morgan and Catalina Echeverri

This family devotional by Katy Morgan is inspired by the Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer storybook by Laura Wifler, and the readings go through fifteen different Bible passages related to prayer. Each devotion features […]


Finding Phoebe – Susan Hylen

The back cover of Finding Phoebe: What New Testament Women Were Really Like reads “Forget What You Think You Know About Women in the Early Church.” That’s a pretty bold claim, especially considering that different […]


Recalibrate Your Life – Kenneth Boa and Jenny Abel

Transitions. Whether you’re four or forty, transitions can be difficult. Planned on unplanned, transitions often take us from someplace stable into something unknown. Hopefully they’re good and needed, but that doesn’t make the movement any […]