Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Family Bible Devotional: 15 Days Exploring How We Can Talk with God – Katy Morgan and Catalina Echeverri

Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Family Bible Devotional: 15 Days Exploring How We Can Talk with God by Katy Morgan, Catalina Echeverri
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Series: Tales that Tell the Truth Family Bible Devotional #2
Published by Good Book Company on August 1, 2023
Genres: Children's, Bible Stories

Easy-to-lead 10-minute devotions for families, all about prayer.

This devotional is a chance to take your family on a journey through the story of prayer in the Bible. It is based on the popular storybook by Laura Wifler, co-founder of Risen Motherhood, which explores prayer: from the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve talked with God face to face, through Old Testament examples and the teaching of Jesus, all the way to the promise of the new creation, where we’ll dwell with God forever.

These 10-minute devotions are designed to be easy to lead and fun to do. They will help your family to learn to pray with confidence, anytime, anyplace. They are ideal for kids aged 5-11.

Each one of the 15 devotions includes:

• a short opening prayer

• a starter question

• a short Bible passage, printed in full

• two questions about the passage

• a short explanation that can be read aloud

• two reflection questions (Usually one is simpler and the other requires more thought. Feel free to just pick one!)

• a prayer idea

• an optional extra section that goes deeper, aimed at older or more confident children

In addition, there are simple, creative reflection ideas as well as bonus puzzles and coloring activities.

Explore, reflect, and grow together as you and your family are encouraged to pray more often, more joyfully, and with more confidence in Jesus.

This family devotional by Katy Morgan is inspired by the Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer storybook by Laura Wifler, and the readings go through fifteen different Bible passages related to prayer. Each devotion features a scripted opening prayer, an icebreaker discussion prompt, a Bible passage and discussion questions about it, and a prompt for a closing prayer. There are also optional, more complex questions for older children. The book includes illustrations from Catalina Echeverri and occasional activities in her art style, such as coloring pages, a maze, and a wordsearch.

Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Family Bible Devotional: 15 Days Exploring How We Can Talk with God covers a significant amount of biblical teaching about prayer. Different days cover different types of prayer, such as calling out to God for help or in repentance, and the book also covers the story of Jesus and the Lord’s Prayer. I appreciate the book’s breadth, and I think it’s great that Morgan covered the whole arc of redemptive history, from creation to the new creation. However, the downside of this is that the book presumes a lot of prior knowledge and exposure to Bible stories. The very basic writing and simple concepts in the devotional readings feel mismatched with some of the more complex Bible passages. This feels too young for older kids who could better engage with the Scriptural content, and is too advanced for many younger kids who would connect with the devotional readings.

I would recommend this devotional to families with young kids who are very well-versed in Bible stories and have already learned a lot about God. The focus on teaching kids about prayer is helpful, and I appreciate how this book relates prayer to so many different eras of redemptive history, but this will be most successful if children are already very well-informed about biblical history. To be more successful for more audiences, this book would need to share more context for several of the passages, or would need to age-up the devotional material for older children.