My Lowest for His Highest: Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus in the Midst of Broken Dreams – Kat Shultis

My Lowest for His Highest: Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus in the Midst of Broken Dreams by Kat Shultis
Published by Moody Publishers on April 2, 2024
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Even in the hardest things, we get to fix our eyes on the God who brings us out of the dark night.

Broken dreams. Discouragement. Grief. Kathryn Shultis has been there. In My Lowest for His Highest, Kathryn shares with honesty and depth about walking through valleys and days of wilderness. Kathryn delves into the heart of our heavenly Father when you find yourself amidst a story that is not what you’d hoped it to be.

How do you set your eyes on heaven when your life has not turned out as planned? How do you walk through hard seasons of disappointment and learn to heal? Kathryn goes deep into discussing our identity in Christ and how we can rely on Him for comfort, peace, and purpose in all circumstances. You will find your heart strengthened and encouraged as you travel with Kathryn—through her triumphs and failures—and discover the hope of persevering in the love and power of Jesus. You will learn to dance upon life’s disappointment and come out stronger on the other side.

This book explores how Christians can find hope and rest in God, even when they are dealing with broken dreams and questioning why God would let something bad happen to them. Kat Shultis writes in a vulnerable, honest way about her own suffering, sharing life lessons and spiritual truths that she learned while dealing with a running injury in high school that led to ongoing pain and further injuries. She writes about how difficult it was to deal with her dreams falling apart, since she had counted on running as her ticket to college and had put her identity in being fast and successful. She uses her personal experiences to illustrate broader truths about dealing with suffering, disappointment, and doubt, and she unpacks stories and teachings from the Bible to show how we can cope with and grow through life’s challenges.

My Lowest for His Highest is full of hard-won wisdom and emotional honesty. Shultis shares helpful perspectives about processing deep losses, honoring God in the midst of suffering, finding your identity in Christ instead of your own accomplishments, and learning how to dream again. She also writes about common issues like dealing with envy and learning to celebrate others even when you’re disappointed. The truths in this book will be familiar to anyone who has attended a good church for any length of time, and there’s nothing new here, but I appreciate how Shultis illustrates these truths by sharing personal stories about loss, including the loss of children through miscarriage. Her reflections will resonate with people who have experienced similar struggles, and give her greater credibility as she unpacks biblical teaching.

My Lowest for His Highest: Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus in the Midst of Broken Dreams is a sincere, heartfelt book that shares core spiritual truths about dealing with disappointment and loss, especially when that loss changes your view of yourself and your future. When it comes to the overall message, there’s nothing new here for longtime Christians, but many readers, especially young women, will appreciate and relate to the author’s personal stories. This book will especially appeal to many high school girls and college-aged women, and can be helpful for new believers.