A Field Guide for Genuine Community Ben Connelly

A Field Guide for Genuine Community: 25 Days and 101 Ways to Move from Façade to Family – Ben Connelly

This well-written, thoughtful book encourages Christians to think beyond their church’s specific system for group gatherings to recapture a vision of being a “close spiritual family.” Ben Connelly writes from the perspective of a church-planting […]

Getting Over Yourself Dean Inserra (1)

Getting Over Yourself: Trading Believe-in-Yourself Religion for Christ-Centered Christianity – Dean Inserra

This straightforward, well-written book helps Christians recognize and understand the phenomenon of what Dean Inserra calls “pop Christianity” or the “new prosperity theology.” In this worldview, God exists to help us maximize our lives, fulfill […]

Kingdom Encounters Tony Evans

Kingdom Encounters – Tony Evans

In Kingdom Encounters, Tony Evans leads readers on a journey to seek God beneath the superficial and to develop a real, substantial, experiential relationship with their Creator. Too often, our Christian faith lives in the […]