5 Things to Pray for a Suffering Friend: Prayers That Change Things for Friends or Family Who Are Walking through Trials – Helen Thorne

In this brief book, Helen Thorne shares themed lists of prayer prompts that people can use to pray for suffering loved ones. Each list focuses on a different theme, such as praying for your friend […]

Children's Books

Susannah Spurgeon: The Pastor’s Wife Who Didn’t Let Sickness Stop Her – Mary Mohler and Cecilia Messina

This new installment in the Do Great Things for God series features Susannah Spurgeon, the wife of the famous pastor Charles Spurgeon. This picture book biography highlights her personal story, showing how she came to […]


Pictures – JRR Tolkien

JRR Tolkien was not only a writer, but he loved to illustrate as well. From 1973-1979 (with a gap in 1975), a series of calendars were published that used Tolkien’s paintings, drawings, and designs. 1973 […]