Sunburst – Susan May Warren

“‘And hello, maybe you’re exactly where you are supposed to be….Maybe God used your issues to give you exactly what you wanted.’” To think, I had never read Susan May Warren prior to a couple […]

The Catch Lisa Harris

The Catch – Lisa Harris

When you read a lot of romantic suspense like I do, many of the stories blur together. You forget details because plots are so similar, and characters have the same types of backgrounds.  The Catch […]


Fatal Code – Natalie Walters

Natalie Walters does it again with Fatal Code, the second novel of her “SNAP Agency” series. I always love her books, because they have a unique sense of humor that I’ve rarely found in other […]


Relative Jusice – Robert Whitlow

Robert Whitlow has been and always will be one of my favorite authors.  While his books are rarely suspenseful, his plotlines are exceptional, and his characters are fantastically thought-out and well-written.  That being said, however, […]

Age of Ash Daniel Abraham

Age of Ash – David Abraham

This was my first David Abraham book. The summary caught my attention, so I thought I would dip my toe into another epic fantasy series. I try not to read other people’s reviews before beginning […]