Hidden in the Night – Elizabeth Goddard

Hidden in the Night by Elizabeth Goddard
Also by this author: Don't Keep Silent, Present Danger, Deadly Target, Critical Alliance, Cold Light of Day, Shadows at Dusk
Series: Missing in Alaska
Published by Revell on June 4, 2024
Genres: Fiction, Christian, Romance, Suspense
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At the behest of her ailing mother, former FBI special agent turned rare-book collector Ivy Elliott arrives in Alaska to secure an unpublished Jack London manuscript kept secreted away for decades. But when she arrives, she learns the manuscript is gone--taken by the granddaughter of the woman who possessed it. Ivy sets off in pursuit, not just to save the manuscript but to save the vulnerable girl, who was previously trafficked and has no idea what she's getting herself into.
Joining forces with Alaska State Trooper Nolan Long, Ivy must battle a blizzard, sabotage, and the worst of an Alaskan winter as the search goes on. But every answer they find only raises more questions--and the danger to their lives and to the missing girl may only be the tip of the iceberg.
Don't miss this breathtaking race for truth set amid the glorious--and deadly--Glacier Bay from USA Today bestselling author Elizabeth Goddard.

Ivy Elliott lives in Florida with her mother, who is battling cancer. To fulfill a family dream, Ivy travels to Alaska to purchase a Jack London manuscript. She met Nolan Long by chance some time ago, and he had never left her mind. Unbeknownst to her, it’s been the same for Nolan. He never expects to see his “Sunshine Girl” in Alaska in the frigid winter…and nor can he ever anticipate the mess that occurs when she’s back in his world. Hidden in the Night by Elizabeth Goddard is a story of intrigue, crime, suspense, and rekindled relationships. It’s definitely one that kept me on my toes!

As a child, I loved scavenger hunts. I always imagined being a pirate, using a map and reaching that fabled “x marks the spot.” I even revisited Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies recently because I wanted to dive back into that “quest” mindset. Scavenger hunts always have twists, turns, and dead ends. Childhood ones, though, rarely have danger like what’s seen in Hidden in the Night. It may start and end with the manuscript, but Ivy and Nolan must traverse different zigs and zags along the way. Murders, threats, missing girls. This is all further complicated by their feelings for each other—feelings they don’t initially discuss. So of course, there are miscommunications galore!

I loved revisiting the old characters from the series. I loved seeing Ivy and Nolan face their emotional and mental wounds.  Their battles and subsequent triumphs offer hope to readers that they can overcome their own traumas. Ivy and Nolan stand by one another, but they don’t fix each other, which I found refreshing. Their relationship also seems genuine, not forced or rushed. That’s often my biggest gripe with romance novels. The characters go from strangers to professing their undying love far too quickly. Not the case with Hidden in the Night.  Ivy and Nolan take things slow and steady. Well, as slow as you can be when you’re getting shot at!

Hidden in the Night by Elizabeth Goddard is the perfect conclusion to her “Missing in Alaska” series. While each novel stands alone, they come together to create a vivid picture of life in Alaska, and the series is one romantic suspense lovers won’t want to miss!