Abuelita Faith Kat Armas

Abuelita Faith – Kat Armas

I am a white, male American pastor. When I consider my academic training—B.S. in Religion, M.A. in Theological Studies, D.Min. in Ministerial Leadership—and reflect on my professors, they are almost exclusively also white, also male, […]

Reading Black Books Claude Atcho

Reading Black Books – Claude Atcho

I read a lot. Fiction. Non-fiction. Lifeisstory.com was started an outlet for that obsession for stories—real and imagined—and how they effect and change individuals and societies. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more cognizant of […]

The Evolution of Adam Peter Enns

The Evolution of Adam – Peter Enns

It’s been ten years since Peter Enns released The Evolution of Adam, a groundbreaking work that explored the possibility that a faithful reading of Scripture could be aligned with evolutionary theory. Now, in a revised […]