Reparations Duke Kwon Gregory Thompson

Reparations – Duke Kwon and Gregory Thompson

Despite four hundred years of slavery, America as a system—and America as white Christian culture—have never really seriously considered reparations for the enslavement of our Black brothers and sisters. It’s been considered too late (after […]

On the Spectrum Daniel Bowman

On the Spectrum – Daniel Bowman

Dan Bowman is an author, poet, professor, husband, son, father, Christian…and autistic. While there’s opportunity to misunderstand any one of these appellations, the one most commonly—and even purposely, though often ignorantly—misunderstood is autistic. On the […]

Praying With Our Feet Lindsey Krinks

Praying With Our Feet – Lindsey Krinks

Early on in my first long-term pastorate, I had a meeting with a parishioner who lived in the adjoining neighborhood. The overwhelming majority of the church lived outside the neighborhood and the church didn’t have […]

Prey Tell Tiffany Bluhm

Prey Tell – Tiffany Bluhm

I’m writing this review the day after RZIM released an initial report from their investigation that the sexual abuse allegations against the late Ravi Zacharias are truthful. I’m heartbroken. For the victims and their trauma. […]