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Life is Story is the brainchild of author and pastor Josh Olds. Initially launched in 2009, LiS quickly became a premier review site within the Christian publishing market. After a few years on hiatus, we are relaunching the site and recommitting ourselves to the three reasons for our existence.

Reason #1: You. The Reader. First and foremost, is all about helping readers find their next entertainment fix. There were over two hundred and ninety thousand novels published in the U.S. just last year. Where’s a book lover to begin? Life is Story is here to point you towards our favorites and, occasionally, steer you away from books we thought looked good, but turned out otherwise.

Reason #2: Them. The Authors and Publishers. It’s easier than ever to publish a book. It’s harder than ever to get readers to hear about it. Unless you’re a top-tier author, the struggle is always to build your platform and get people to hear about your novel. Life is Story is in the relationships business. We want to connect readers to authors we love and connect authors to readers who love their stories. Think of us as Tinder for book lovers. We’ve got a book or an author to match you with, we promise.

Reason #3: Us. The Life is Story Team. Okay. We admit it. We love books. And this is the best way we know to get our hands on all the new and upcoming goods. You know how giving is better than receiving? Life is Story allows us to get both ends of that. We get to give our opinion on the Internet and, in exchange, we get access to the stories and storytellers we love.

Praise for Life is Story

In the years we’ve been in business, we’ve attracted quite a fair amount of attention. Especially in the realm of Christian publishing, has become a trusted voice in the book industry. Our endorsements have been featured in a number of books and promotional materials. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to these endorsements from the authors themselves:

Life is Story is such a well-done site…keep up the good work! – Max Lucado, Pastor at Oak Hills Church, 130 million books in print.
Life is Story is one of the best review sites I know… Always fair, and always to the point. Even more, Josh Olds brings a deep awareness of thematic exploration to the table. This isn’t a simple, ‘here’s what happens’ type of site—we have the back of books for that. He gives a rare look into each book without spoiling the plot. Bravo! – Ted Dekker, NYT Bestselling Author
I can always count on Life is Story to ask the deeper, probing questions behind a book. As an author, I appreciate the diligence and great interviews. As a reader, I appreciate the reviews that delve into the heart of the story. Thank you, Josh! – Tosca Lee, NYT Bestselling Author

Front Matter Endorsements

Life is Story has been featured in the front matter endorsements of several of our favorite novels. Here’s a sampling:

The Legend of Sheba by Tosca Lee

When Through Deep Waters by Rachelle Dekker (on The Choosing)

Temptation by Travis Thrasher (on Broken)

Land of Silence by Tessa Afshar

The Judgment Stone by Robert Liparulo

Stranger Things by Erin Healy

Under a Cloudless Sky by Chris Fabry (on Every Waking Moment)

And many more!

Life is Story Podcast

The Life is Story podcast is filled with author interviews and in-depth book discussions. We’ve even been quoted in printed publications! Our 2012 interview with Tullian Tchividjian was quoted in Randall Cunningham’s book Lay it Down.

Media/Publisher Contacts

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