When Wrong Seems Right: A Kids Bible Study on Making Good Choices – Adam Griffin

When Wrong Seems Right: A Kids Bible Study on Making Good Choices by Adam Griffin
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Published by Moody Publishers on January 2, 2024
Genres: Children's

Helping kids fall in love with God and His Word as they study the Bible for themselves.

Is that right? A heart guide for discerning wrong from right.

Our kids are growing up in a confusing world with an abundance of messages that are contrary to God’s word. This Bible study takes your kids through forty Proverbs, providing wisdom for right thinking and living. Proverbs is a great place to start for kids who are studying the Bible on their own for the first time or who are trying to find a rhythm for regular Bible study. With straightforward easy-to-understand lessons, your kids will learn how to study their Bibles and how to apply it. They will discover what it looks like to follow Christ in a world that doesn’t. As your kids study the Proverbs, they will find that even when they make wrong choices, God is kind to forgive and set them on the right path. And, most importantly, they will receive the necessary help to follow the fount of all wisdom: Jesus.

When Wrong Seems Right emboldens your kids in God’s truth so they can grow into a courageous generation of wise young men and women!

In this Bible study for kids, Adam Griffin helps kids explore the topic of wisdom and what it means to make good choices in different areas of life. Each day in this eight-week study begins with a verse from Proverbs, shares a short reflection from the author, and then includes comprehension and reflection questions. Each day also includes a companion passage from the New Testament for kids to look up and read on their own. The study questions engage with both Scriptures, guiding kids to recognize connections between these passages, identify questions that they might have, and identify other parts of the Bible where they might be able to answer those questions. The final question asks what you should “think, feel, or do” based on that day’s study.

Griffin shares helpful insights in each day’s reading, and he writes in a simple, kid-friendly style without talking down to his readers or trying to act trendy. He also shares occasional anecdotes from his own childhood, and is very honest about his mistakes and ways that he was characterized by behaving badly. That personal touch makes the gospel applications even more encouraging. Griffin has a posture of grace and understanding for kids who struggle to do the right thing, and Griffin encourages wisdom and right choices without taking a moralistic tone or neglecting to share the good news of God’s grace. He also addresses heart issues throughout the book, instead of just focusing on behavior modification.

When Wrong Seems Right: A Kids Bible Study on Making Good Choices is a solid resource that will help kids learn how to read and study the Bible, instead of depending on prepackaged devotional readings. However, I think that this would be even better if there were drawing and activity prompts instead of just questions for kids to write their answers to. This would make the book more accessible and more engaging to younger kids, and to kids who struggle with writing or don’t naturally process their thoughts way. Nonetheless, this book is great for older elementary students and middle schoolers to use independently, and parents could also use this with their kids during a family devotional time.