Getting Over Yourself Dean Inserra (1)

Getting Over Yourself: Trading Believe-in-Yourself Religion for Christ-Centered Christianity – Dean Inserra

This straightforward, well-written book helps Christians recognize and understand the phenomenon of what Dean Inserra calls “pop Christianity” or the “new prosperity theology.” In this worldview, God exists to help us maximize our lives, fulfill […]

Hinge Moments D Michael Lindsay

Hinge Moments – D. Michael Lindsay

Hinge Moments. They’re the key points of opportunity that change our lives—whether we realize it or not. Some hinge moments we see coming years in advance. As a youth pastor, I helped students navigate one […]

The Moon Speaks Jason Duesing
Children's Books

The Moon Speaks – Jason Duesing

The Moon Speaks is about much more than just the moon. It’s about the stars, the sun, clouds, snow, a stream, mountains, trees—all creation speaks to God’s glory. Author Jason Duesing and illustrator Chiara Fedele […]

Permission to be Black AD Thomason

Permission to be Black – AD Thomason

Permission to be Black wasn’t written for me, but I learned from it. Writing to Black Americans, A.D. Thomason encourages them to tear off their task, do the hard work of processing their generational trauma, […]