5 Things to Pray for Your Parents Chelsea Stanley

5 Things to Pray for Your Parents: Prayers that Change Things for an Older Generation – Chelsea Stanley and Tim Challies

In this small book, Chelsea Stanley shares short, themed lists of prayer prompts. Each list is based on a particular Scripture passage or book of the Bible, and Stanley organizes each of the five points […]

Full Circle Parenting Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins

Full Circle Parenting: A Guide for Crucial Conversations – Jimmy Scroggins and Kristin Scroggins, with Leslee Bennett

In this refreshingly realistic book, Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins explain why formulaic approaches to parenting almost always end in disappointment and frustration, and they provide an adaptable, big-picture alternative. Instead of promoting a specific formula, […]

A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, Really) Rachel Jones

A Brief Theology of Periods (Yes, Really): An Adventure for the Curious Into Bodies, Womanhood, Time, Pain and Purpose–And How to Have a Better Time of the Month – Rachel Jones

In A Brief Theology of Periods, Rachel Jones shares insight into the role of periods in women’s lives. She acknowledges the widely varying range of experiences that women have based on their ages, life situations, […]

Never Miss Melissa Koslin

Never Miss – Melissa Koslin

Never Miss is Melissa Koslin’s first published novel, and what an entrance it was! She did not slip into the fiction field quietly. Instead, Koslin presents a breathless adventure with exceedingly high stakes and ten […]