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Seek and Find New Testament
Seek and Find: New Testament Bible Stories: With Over 450 Things to Find and Count! by Sarah Parker
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Published by Good Book Company on November 1, 2021
Genres: Children's
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This beautifully illustrated Seek and Find book is packed full of all your favorite New Testament stories. It's teeming with fun and exciting things to find--from faithful friends to scary Romans, and grumpy Pharisees to a frightened octopus!
Children will not only love finding, counting and sorting over 450 hidden things, but they will also learn key truths about Jesus through the biblically faithful illustrations and retellings of New Testament stories. They will learn that Jesus is God's perfect Son, who can change our hearts, and that we can always trust him.
With over 50 things to count on each page, this book will bring you hours of fun as you seek and find!
A perfect gift for young children.

Bear with me while I get a little bit philosophical. In seminary, one of the first things they teach you (or should teach you) is the necessity of reading Scripture in its context. That means reading every word carefully, knowing the literary genre, cultural background, and the original audience. It means looking at every word of the text and discovering patterns—repeated words or phrases, descriptions, lists, quotes, and so on. It requires spending time in the text, not just reading it but really absorbing it and considering all of it in pieces and as a whole.

So what does all of that have to do with Seek and Find: New Testament Stories? Well, to be honest, I think it helps develop a lot of those critical reading skills at an early age. It teaches little ones to be on the lookout for a specific thing—not anything hidden or obscured like a Where’s Wally?—that could be important or not important to the story. Turn to the first story: Baby Jesus is born. It’s a dark panel with a full moon, some buildings, lots of animals, and some people. At the top left, we’re told where to find this story in the Bible and a one paragraph summary of the story. Under this, we’re shown ten different types of things to find. The most important? One baby Jesus.

There are a lot of things to find! The ten fluttery moths are all over the page and it’ll take quite a search to find them. It’s a great way of developing your little one’s attention span, critical thinking skills, and a lot of other important developmental things as well. The book is done in board book style, so you could even break out a dry erase or washable marker to help with the finding and wipe it down after everything is found.

The other stories in the collection are Jesus in the Temple, a Paralyzed Man is Healed, Jesus Calms a Storm, Jesus Loves Little Children, Zacchaeus Meets Jesus, The Last Supper, and Jesus is Alive. Each one has ten different types of items to find, each increasing in number from 1 to 10, meaning that there’s over 450 things to find and count. They’ve done a really great job of not being too obvious while also not be impossible or frustrating for little ones. It’s a fun, interactive way of being involved with reading and learning the Bible, two very important things.