Seek and Find: New Testament Bible Stories – Sarah Parker and Andre Parker

Seek and Find: New Testament Bible Stories by Sarah Parker, Andre Parker
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Published by Good Book Company on November 1, 2021
Genres: Children's, Bible Stories
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This beautifully illustrated Seek and Find book is packed full of all your favorite New Testament stories. It's teeming with fun and exciting things to find--from faithful friends to scary Romans, and grumpy Pharisees to a frightened octopus!
Children will not only love finding, counting and sorting over 450 hidden things, but they will also learn key truths about Jesus through the biblically faithful illustrations and retellings of New Testament stories. They will learn that Jesus is God's perfect Son, who can change our hearts, and that we can always trust him.
With over 50 things to count on each page, this book will bring you hours of fun as you seek and find!
A perfect gift for young children.

This board book features eight double-page spreads with vivid depictions of scenes from the New Testament. Sarah Parker introduces each story in a brief paragraph, and includes the source reference to each Bible passage. The illustrations from Andre Parker visualize the story and includes lots of little details for kids to search for and find based on the sidebar. This book will appeal to kids who like seek and find books, and could be great for siblings to work on together. I know that I would have enjoyed this when I was a child, since my sister and I loved looking for the hidden ladybugs in the illustrations of a devotional book from our childhood.

Seek and Find: New Testament Bible Stories does not retell the stories in detail, so if someone is looking for a book with more information about each narrative, this won’t be their first choice. However, this is a great book to supplement family readings of each Bible story, or for kids who are already very familiar with the material. The illustrations include both historically accurate and whimsical details, but they never take liberties with the source material, and the characters reflect a variety of different skin tones, according to their real-life ethnic backgrounds.

This can be a fun gift book for kids, can be a supplement to family devotions, and would be a good activity book for a Sunday school or church preschool environment. It is also complex enough that it is not just for very young children. Younger kids can focus on the elements that are easier to find, while older kids will be able to find more and can do some of the additional challenges described inside the front covers. This is a great seek-and-find book that explores the story of Jesus in a simple and appealing way, and I would definitely recommend it.