A Perfect Day – Jennifer Yerkes

A Perfect Day by Jennifer Yerkes
Published by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers on October 19, 2021
Genres: Children's
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One bright, sunny morning, the pond’s creatures prepare to perform a symphony. The birds begin with their calls; the frogs join in with their croaks; the fox barks, and the bees buzz. At last the clouds arrive with their thunderous percussion…​
Acclaimed author-illustrator Jennifer Yerkes presents the sights and sounds of an ecosystem in motion. Told with bold, vibrant art and playful onomatopoeia, A Perfect Day is a spectacular reminder to stop and listen to nature.

Beautiful and artful, A Perfect Day is the perfect book for a young nature lover. While many children’s books exist because of their text—usually in sing-songy rhythm—A Perfect Day is primarily about the art and the words are there simply to narrate the story told through Jennifer Yerkes’ illustrations.

It begins with a day in peaceful harmony. There’s a panel focusing on the clouds and sky, a panel of the tall grasses and flowers with bugs and butterflies. Then, the sounds of nature begin to break through as birds chirp, frogs croak, wasps buzz, and the forest comes to life. As evening comes, the clouds grow dark with blues and purples. The drums roll. The cymbals crash. Lightning. Thunder. The rhythm of rain. The symphony of a perfect day.

A Perfect Day is beautiful in its simplicity. I can smell the rain as I read through the pages.