The Moon Speaks Jason Duesing
Children's Books

The Moon Speaks – Jason Duesing

The Moon Speaks is about much more than just the moon. It’s about the stars, the sun, clouds, snow, a stream, mountains, trees—all creation speaks to God’s glory. Author Jason Duesing and illustrator Chiara Fedele […]

Permission to be Black AD Thomason

Permission to be Black – AD Thomason

Permission to be Black wasn’t written for me, but I learned from it. Writing to Black Americans, A.D. Thomason encourages them to tear off their task, do the hard work of processing their generational trauma, […]

Beyond the Page

Permission to be Black: A Conversation with AD Thomason (beyond-the-page): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSSI almost didn’t read Permission to be Black because I knew that I—a white man—was not the primary audience. But as the father of […]

Aftermath Terri Blackstock 2

Aftermath – Terri Blackstock

Some books are marathons. Others are a flat-out sprint. Aftermath is the latter: a focused, pulse-pounding, action-packed thriller that will make you wish you could read faster then leave you exhausted, satisfied, yet a bit […]

Brave by Faith Alistair Begg 2

Brave by Faith – Alistair Begg

Brave by Faith is subtitled God-sized Confidence in a Post-Christian World. The primary theme of Begg’s teaching is that, even as the world grows more secular, we should hold on to our faith because God […]


A Brief Theology of Periods – Rachel Jones

I am not the target audience for A Brief Theology of Periods. Yet, the title intrigued me and I’m all for destigmatizing and demystifying the cultural taboos that keep us from being healthy, well-educated, confident, […]