Hard Working Mermaids - Kellen Roggenbuck
Children's Books

Hard-Working Mermaids – Kellen Roggenbuck

Hard-Working Mermaids seeks to revolutionize mermaid mythology for a new generation. Gone are the Ariels of Disney (or even Hans Christian Andersen) fame. Swept away are the seductive sirens of ye olde pirate tales. These […]

The Awkward Dinosaurs Kellen Roggenbuck
Children's Books

The Awkward Dinosaurs – Kellen Roggenbuck

It seems like every kid goes through a dinosaur phase. Some never leave it and we call those people paleontologists. Dinosaur movie and dinosaur books abound, but none are quite like Kellen Roggenbuck’s The Awkward […]

After I Believe James Emery White

After I Believe – James Emery White

In my experience, churches put a whole lot more emphasis on justification than sanctification. Getting saved is the priority and takes work, but growing in faith is usually reduced to attend church, tithe, and serve […]

Radiant Church Tara Beth Leach

Radiant Church – Tara Beth Leach

I have watched the past few years as the prevailing cultural expression of American Christianity—white evangelicalism—has absolutely destroyed its credibility and witness. Looking back, I can tell that the cracks had been there for a […]

Tongue-Tied Sara Wenger Shenk

Tongue-Tied – Sara Shenk

Evangelism has kind of gotten a bad reputation. First, you have the connection to evangelicalism—which is increasingly seen as a polarizing political identity more than a theological one. Then you have all the ways in […]