My Mom Is Always Right – Kellen Roggenbuck

My Mom is Always Right - Kellen Roggenbuck
My Mom is Always Right by Kellen Roggenbuck
Also by this author: The Awkward Dinosaurs, Hard-Working Mermaids
Published by KR Publishing on February 2020
Genres: Children's
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This book is all about how smart and helpful moms are! Each page shares examples of how great moms are as they navigate the challenges of parenting. With colorful illustrations, amusing examples and a heartwarming message, this is sure to become an instant favorite for children and moms alike!

Moms are great and—more often than not—their advice is usually right. My Mom is Always Right is a book about celebrating moms, their wisdom, and their unflagging support. An unnamed girl introduces us to her mom: she’s awesome, the greatest, and smart—and pretty much right all the time.

Kellen Roggenbuck then explores ways in which moms fulfill that mom-ly role. Mom was right that it’s fun to be upside-down. She’s right that the cat did not want to wear a tutu (or be in the toy box…or the shower). Mom is a constant supporter and cheerleader. She’s teaches by example. She’s there for her kid every step of the way.

I love that My Mom is Always Right eschews some of the “traditional” gender roles that we sometimes see in books like that. Roggenbuck shows mom and daughter fixing their car. No comment is made about how this is different or unusual. It just is and there’s no comment on it. Moms fix cars. (Of course, my kids weren’t sure my their mom doesn’t fix cars…but their dad doesn’t either. Car fixing is an uncle or papaw job in this household.)

There’s also something to be said about what the book lacks. This is simply a mom and a daughter, meaning that the book is appropriate for single moms who want a wholesome, family-oriented book that doesn’t have a dad in it. It’s not that dads aren’t great too (Roggenbuck has a very cool dad book as well), but that they aren’t an integral part of this story. By telling the story as simply as possible, Roggenbuck widens the books’ audience and provides a resource that quietly sings the praises of the single mom.