Tiny Hands Hymns | Tiny Hands Promises | Tiny Hands Prayers – Hannah Estes and Jessica Hiatt

Tiny Hands Hymns, Tiny Hands Promises, Tiny Hands Prayers by Jessica Hiatt, Hannah Duguid Estes
Published by P & R Publishing on October 25, 2023
Genres: Children's
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Teach your children eight enduring hymns of the faith while enjoying vibrant illustrations that capture the lyrics for little hearts.
Hymns Included:

Holy, Holy, Holy
Be Thou My Vision
Amazing Grace
This Is My Father's World
Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
Crown Him with Many Crowns

Use eight beautifully illustrated passages to rehearse with your little one the covenant promises that God made to his people in the Old and New Testaments.
Promises Included:

"I Will Be With You"
"You Are My Sheep"
"Ask and I Will Give"
"I Am Strong when You Are Weak"
"I Will Show You the Way"
"I Will Forgive You"
"I Will Change Your Heart"
"I'm Coming Back"

Model prayer for your little one using eight beautifully illustrated scriptural prayers from Hannah, David, Daniel, Mary, and others.
Prayers Included:

Mary's Prayer from Luke 1
Hannah's Prayer from 1 Samuel 2
Daniel's Prayer from Daniel 9
Paul's Prayer from Ephesians 3
David's Prayer from Psalm 130
The Lord's Prayer from Matthew 6
The Saints' Prayer from Revelation 19
The High Priest's Prayer from Numbers 6

This series of small board books introduces young children to favorite hymns, promises from God, and prayers from Scripture. Each book is small and brief, making this appropriate for babies and toddlers, and Hannah Estes made excellent selections that will resonate with Christian families. The books are each sixteen pages long, and every page spread includes a quotation and a nature-inspired illustration against a white background. The graphic design looks really nice, and although there’s nothing overtly trendy about these books, Jessica Hiatt’s art style will appeal to many Millennial parents.

Tiny Hands Hymns is a wonderful way to introduce kids to timeless worship songs and powerful theology from the beginning of their lives. Each page includes one stanza of a beloved, well-known hymn, and the illustrations represent concepts from lyrics. Tiny Hands Promises shares paraphrases of Bible verses, introducing promises that God has made to His people. All but one of the promises (Isaiah 43:1-3) is from the New Testament, and I would have liked to see more from the Old Testament, but the selected promises are encouraging and convey gospel truths. Tiny Hands Prayers introduces young children to prayers from the Bible, and it includes prayers from women and men, as well as collective prayers.

I really enjoyed each of these books, and I highly recommend the whole series. These books are great for Christian families and church settings, because they introduce important spiritual concepts in simple, brief ways. Even though a young child’s understanding of the concepts will be limited, this is a wonderful way to introduce them to the language of faith from the beginning of their lives, and these books can greatly encourage the adults who are reading them with children.