I Grew With You – Sarah Molitor

I Grew With You Sarah Molitor
I Grew With You by Sarah Molitor, Anastasia Sivura
Published by Good True Media on October 26, 2021
Genres: Children's
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The Journey to Motherhood
In this heartfelt poem from blogger and Instagram sensation Sarah Molitor, the creative force behind @modernfarmhousefamily, readers get a glimpse into the journey a mother takes during pregnancy.
Inspired by her own pregnancy and filled with humor, I Grew With You vividly illustrates the growing bond between mother and child. Twelve beautiful, month-by-month scenes capture the beauty of childbearing and the miracle of life – from conception to baby's first day at home. Molitor helps show children that, during pregnancy, not only does the baby grow, but the mother grows, as well – emotionally, spiritually, and of course, physically.
Rich in diversity, I Grew With You showcases women of all ethnicities, shapes, and sizes as they share in the unifying experience that is pregnancy. Children will be able to read about the sweet, exciting, funny, and take-your-breath-away moments that their own mothers felt while bringing them into the world.
I Grew With You is a warm, heartfelt lullaby that reminds the mother and child of the precious road they traveled to meet each other, leaving both with a deepened sense of love and bonding.

If you’re like me, it seems like all of your friends are having babies and baby shower gifts are a necessity. Again, if you’re like me and your go-to gift is a book, you’re left with a whole library full of options. But very few books that make the recommended for baby showers list actually have anything to do with pregnancy. I Grew with You is the perfect baby shower gift because it doesn’t just focus on a gift for the baby, but acknowledges mom’s role in…well…everything and builds on the attachment that’s formed between a mother and her unborn child.

Each panel in the book progresses readers through the process of pregnancy—from the positive test to telling family and friends to scheduling doctor’s appointments and needing new clothes. Though it’s written for kids, it’s really a book that honors moms through its focus on pregnancy. I could easily see this book meaning more for parents—for whom each panel will trigger memories of their own experiences—than the kid to whom the book is being read. I could also see I Grew with You being used to explain the process of pregnancy to children who are either curious about how they came into the world or are maybe expecting a new brother or sister.

Sarah Molitor’s poetry is simple and rhythmic and she creates a narrative around the simple rhyme scheme without too much awkwardness in making rhymes fit. Anastasia Sivura’s illustrations are detailed and diverse. This isn’t just the story of one family, but many, and we see families of different skin tones as the book progresses. The illustration style—colored pencil, maybe? My art is words, not illustrating—also gives the book a childlike playfulness. (And look for the easter egg on one of the panels where I Grew with You is a book on a shelf in the background.)

I Grew with You is a sweet, heartfelt book that’s sure to bring with it a wash of memories as moms relive that special connection with their child. Fair warning friends, if you have a baby, this is what you’re getting at the baby shower.