The Advent of Glory: 24 Devotions for Christmas – R. C. Sproul

The Advent of Glory: 24 Devotions for Christmas by RC Sproul
Published by Good Book Company on October 1, 2023
Genres: Non-Fiction, Christian Life, Christmas
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Daily Advent devotions that will help you to slow down and appreciate the wonder of Christmas.

These straightforward, short, and profound Advent readings have been edited from talks given by much-loved Bible teacher, Dr. R.C. Sproul, helping readers to benefit from his enduring insight and wisdom. They delve into the details of the Christmas story and reflect on how these impact our lives now, combining scholarly detail with heartwarming application.

Each day also includes a prayer written by a well-known Bible teacher of our own day, to guide your own reflections.

As R.C. Sproul observes, the narrative of the birth of Jesus is so familiar to many of us that "the words just slip over us." So, take the time to slow down and dwell on the words of the Christmas story so that you arrive at Christmas Day full of awe and wonder at the birth of Jesus.

This Advent devotional features twenty-four readings based on Christmas talks that the renowned Bible teacher R. C. Sproul gave during his lifetime. His wife helped with the editing process for this book, and the devotions all read very smoothly in their current medium. This book is of the same caliber as other Advent devotionals, and if I hadn’t known in advance, I never would have guessed that these daily readings were edited from spoken presentations.

Each reading delves into a different person or theme from the Nativity story, exploring both the events surrounding Christmas and the Old Testament prophecies that pointed to Christ’s birth in Bethlehem and described the kind of Messiah he would be. The readings are typically about three or four pages long, and they conclude with a brief reflection question. After that, there is a short prayer. Each prayer comes from a respected male or female Bible teacher serving the church today, and the prayers provide additional reflections based on that day’s theme.

The Advent of Glory: 24 Devotions for Christmas is a great devotional for Christians who want to delve into many different aspects of the Christmas story, along with Old Testament themes. This book includes heart-stirring meditations on the gospel and encouragements for faithful Christian living, and it will appeal to fans of R.C. Sproul and to people who are new to his work.