Seek and Circle Christmas Stories

Seek and Circle Christmas Stories
Seek-and-Circle Christmas Stories Series: One Big Story
Published by B&H Kids on October 6, 2020
Genres: Children's, Bible Stories, Christmas
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Grab a wipe-on, wipe-off marker and start searching! Seek-and-Circle Christmas Stories is an interactive board book filled with dozens of items for children to find. As they search scenes from Nazareth to Bethlehem, from the shepherds’ fields to Herod’s palace, children ages 4–8 will have loads of fun finding hidden pictures and exploring the biblical Christmas story along the way. For an added challenge, kids can look for two images on each spread that represent specific names of Jesus.

Seek and Circle Christmas Stories from B&H Kids is a wonderful tool to get your little ones—and even not-so-little ones in the mindset of Christmas. Using a write-on, wipe-off marker, you can play a seek-and-find that will teach your children about Jesus while developing their skills of observation and patience. Your littlest ones can enjoy looking at the colorful pages, while children up to preteens may enjoy the seek-and-find nature. I would say this is probably geared toward early elementary. Some of the items aren’t so easy to find!

Seek and Circle Christmas Stories is comprised of six two-panel seek-and-find stories. A paragraph on one panel tells the story and points toward the appropriate Scripture references. A sidebar on the other lists the items to look for (21 different items, with some items to find multiple times). There’s also bonus items to look for that are symbolic of the names of Jesus. A front panel tells you the importance of these names and what to look for. Also included is a one-sentence “Christ Connection” that connects readers with the theological importance of the story. The six stories covered are:

  • Angels Spoke to Mary and Joseph
  • Joseph and Mary Traveled to Bethlehem
  • Jesus Was Born
  • Angels Announced Jesus’ Birth
  • King Herod Searched for Jesus
  • Wise Men Visited Jesus

A fun book with infinite playability, Seek and Circle Christmas Stories is the perfect pre-Christmas present for your fastidious child, cousin, nibling, sibling, or other small human in your life.