Little Me, Big God: Stories about Jesus: Eight True Stories from the Bible – Steph Williams

Little Me, Big God: Stories about Jesus: Eight True Stories from the Bible by Steph Williams
Also by this author: The Boy Who Shared His Sandwich, The Easter Fix, The Little Man Whose Heart Grew Big, The Dad Who Never Gave Up, The Dad Who Never Gave Up, The Little Man Whose Heart Grew Big, The Christmas Surprise
Series: Little Me, Big God
Published by Good Book Company on May 1, 2024
Genres: Children's, Bible Stories, Easter
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A hardback collection of eight engaging, faithful, fun stories about Jesus for 2-4s.

How many people did Jesus feed with one boy’s lunch?

Why did a dad run down a road?

What happened when Jesus’s disciples stopped some children who wanted to talk to him?

And why did Jesus die on a cross?

Enjoy reading eight Gospel stories, retold in a faithful and fun way for 2-4-year-olds. Toddlers and preschoolers will love the colorful, exciting illustrations, and older ones can get to grips with the "extra bits" that go deeper into each story.

This hardback collection of eight stories from the "Little Me, Big God" series is a great addition to any young child’s bookshelf or children’s ministry range and makes an ideal gift. Can also be used in children’s ministry.

This hardcover treasury features eight stories from the Little Me, Big God series by Steph Williams. The stories include narratives about Jesus’s life and ministry, along with some stories about parables he told. The words are simple and expressive, and the illustrations clearly convey what different people are thinking and feeling. At the end of each story, there is a note for older readers with more context about this biblical narrative, and the author also includes the Bible passage that she adapted each story from. The Little Me, Big God books are a great way to introduce young children to who Jesus is, and each one shares a clear, age-appropriate message.

Each of these stories was originally available as a small, staple-bound paperback. This treasury is a high-quality hardcover book with glossy pages and a ribbon bookmark, and many families and churches will be glad to acquire the same stories in a far more durable format. However, even though there are ten books total in the series, this book only includes eight of them. This treasury does not include the story of Jesus’s birth from The Christmas Surprise, and it also leaves out the Zacchaeus story from The Little Man Whose Heart Grew Big. Even though there might be some logical reason for this, it seems strange to me, since I would expect the publisher to print all ten together, or split up the series into two smaller treasuries.

Little Me, Big God: Stories about Jesus: Eight True Stories from the Bible is a great book for families and churches who want to introduce children to Jesus’s ministry and parables. These short, simple stories will appeal to the intended audience, and they simplify things in kid-friendly ways while still being clearly grounded in Scripture. Even though this treasury leaves out two of the ten Little Me, Big God books, it’s a nice, durable format for reading the majority of the books in this series.