Countdown – Lynette Eason

Countdown by Lynette Eason
Also by this author: Collateral Damage, Acceptable Risk, Active Defense, Active Defense, Life Flight, Crossfire, Critical Threat, Double Take
Series: Extreme Measures #4
Published by Revell on August 1, 2023
Genres: Fiction, Christian, Romance, Suspense
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Flight paramedic Raina Price's past has marched back into her present--and it wants to kill her. With a stalker who knows her well determined to end what he started, US Marshal Vince Correlli vows to protect her at all costs--even if ends his career.

It has been way too long since I’ve read a Lynette Eason book! She is easily one of my favorite authors of the romantic suspense genre. Her books never fail to entertain, and Countdown is no exception. Vincent Corelli’s been Raina Price’s close connection for a good while, but she keeps him at a distance. Complications and danger define her past, and Raina wants no old demons to reappear. Too bad fate ignores her wishes, and she finds herself in someone’s crosshairs. Vincent won’t let her face the nightmares alone.

Countdown by Lynette Eason is a quick and easy read, with a plot that demands the reader’s attention. Eason sure kept me drawn in, even though I did have problems with the novel. I think I have read too many romantic suspense novels, so they have started blending and sounding the same. With that in mind, I do not enjoy them as much as I used to. You can only read the “A bad guy wants to kill the woman” stories so many times before you lose track of which authors wrote which novels.

While Countdown contains some unoriginal romantic suspense tropes, I loved Raina and Vince. Raina is a very complex character, and Vince never pushes her to share more than she is willing. Vince wants a relationship with her from the start, but he does not voice it. Instead, he stands by her as a friend. I loved that. And I’ll be honest, even if this book hadn’t featured romance, I would’ve been fine with it.  Vince and Raina were just as wonderful as friends as lovebirds.  The romance only added to Countdown by Lynette Eason.  The relationship may be a little too perfect, but that’s the point of reading a novel, isn’t it? To escape reality for a few blissful hours. Lynette Eason provides that refuge from real life.

Countdown concludes Lynette Eason’s “Extreme Measures” series with a heart-wrenching and heartfelt story of trust, friendship, acceptance, and forgiveness. The novel works as a standalone, for which I am grateful, as I remembered nothing of the prior three books. Don’t miss out on the others, though! If you’re a fan of the romantic suspense genre, “Extreme Measures”—particularly Countdownis not to miss!