Black and White – Debora Vogrig

Black and White Debora Vogrig
Black and White by Debora Vogrig, Pia Valentinis
Published by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers on August 31, 2021
Genres: Children's
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Black and White are so different—how can they ever get along? White wants to explore the world, but Black would rather stay under the bed. Black is playful and creative; White wants everything neat and tidy. But when Black and White work together, they can go on the most amazing adventures . . .
Perfect for teaching colors and opposites, Black and White is an imaginative exploration of the joys of diversity.  

An artful story of contrasts, Black and White is about the interplay between light and darkness. The story begins as White wakes up and spreads through the sky, pushing Black away. But we soon begin to see where Black and White work together. In the spots on dogs, on polar bears—and that’s just the beginning. Chess and pianos, words on the page, stars in the sky. When Black and White work together, beautiful things happen.

On the surface, Black and White is a whimsical story about colors, vibrantly illustrated, creative, and fun. Dig a little deeper, and there’s something to be said about how contrasting things can complement the other and bring out the best in them. It’s a thoughtful piece of art. Debora Vogrig’s story romps through the world, both animal and human, and Pia Valentinis’ illustrations follow, expertly capturing the book’s feel and tone.

I would have liked to have seen a bit more cohesion in the narrative, a little more interplay of the light and shadow, rather than quickly pivoting to contrasts of color, and maybe just a little more done to take the deeper theme of the book a bit more obvious. Nonetheless, it’s a visually-captivating book that’ll have your kids reading it over and over again.