Life Flight – Lynette Eason

Life Flight by Lynette Eason
Also by this author: Collateral Damage, Acceptable Risk, Active Defense, Active Defense, Crossfire, Critical Threat, Countdown, Double Take
Series: Extreme Measures #1
Published by Revell on January 4, 2022
Genres: Fiction, Christian, Romance, Suspense
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EMS helicopter pilot Penny Carlton is used to high stress situations, but being forced to land on a mountain in a raging storm with a critical patient--and a serial killer on the loose--tests her skills and her nerve to the limit. She survives with FBI Special Agent Holt Satterfield's help. But she's not out of the woods yet.
In the ensuing days, Penny finds herself under attack. And when news reaches Holt that he may not have gotten his man after all, it will take all he and Penny have to catch a killer--before he catches one of them.
Bestselling and award-winning author Lynette Eason is back with another high-octane tale of close calls, narrow escapes, and the fight to bring a nefarious criminal to justice.

Holt and Penny started out as friends, nothing more. They had occasional phone calls, a few casual get-togethers, but little more then the little, surface-level conversations. But then there’s a serial killer…who happens to be loose on the same mountain where Penny Carlton and her crew are stuck due to their downed helicopter. The FBI assigned Holt to the case years ago, but now there seems to be more to the original story. Penny and Holt must work together to solve the mysteries, before anyone else gets hurt—or worse, killed. Because Penny is his next target.

With classic Eason flare, Life Flight is a whirlwind from beginning to end. High stakes and questions around every corner. Murders, gunshots, kidnappings—you name it, it’s probably in this book. There is never a dull moment, which is something I appreciate about Lynette Eason as an author. She understands the balance, though, between too little action and too much.  I have read books where authors plug in action scenes to fill plot holes. Not so with Eason. What makes Life Flight something special, is that it’s believable. Not a thing seems forced. Yes, the characters face…a lot, needless to say, but could you expect anything different when hunting a serial killer? Granted, I’m not an expert, though I do enjoy true crime. Good serial killers are not easy to catch, because they are just that—good at what they do, and they know how to conceal their identities.  Lynette Eason captures this fact incredibly well.

Life Flight by Lynette Eason features an enthralling plotline with characters you cannot help but root for. And the antagonist? Complicated and intense, with many facets, and a history all his own. I mentioned in my review for Sunrise by Susan May Warren that I read Warren’s novel and Life Flight back to back. Eason and Warren are wonderful storytellers, but more than that, they dream up characters like few other authors I know. So many writers only focus on the protagonists and forget that the stories also depend on the bad guy—or bad guys. Eason developed an antagonist with layers in Life Flight. He was not just a name on a page; I developed feelings for (and against) him.

That exemplifies a good author—you make me feel things. Good and bad. Anger and joy. Breathlessness and thrill. Life Flight by Lynette Eason has it all. It’s a wonderful start to a new romantic suspense series, and Lynette Eason does not disappoint. When does the next novel come out? Because I want to jump back into Eason’s imagination as soon as I possibly can! Write faster, please!