Daily Readings from Beyond Blessed – Robert Morris

Daily Readings from Beyond Blessed Robert Morris
Daily Readings from Beyond Blessed: 90 Devotions to Overcome All Financial Stress by Robert Morris
Also by this author: Take the Day Off: Receiving God's Gift of Rest
Published by FaithWords on September 17, 2019
Genres: Non-Fiction, Christian Life, Devotional
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Reach your financial goals and experience the joy and blessings that God intends for you with this 90-day devotional from the bestselling author of The Blessed Life. In his book Beyond Blessed, Robert Morris shares the importance of being a good steward, not only with your finances, but with every part of your life. We all know eliminating debt and financial stress is a day-to-day process, and DAILY READINGS FROM BEYOND BLESSED is designed to provide constant motivation, inspiration, and scriptural wisdom throughout your journey. Each day you'll learn principles of stewardship and gain biblical insight that will help you become a better manager of your finances. Once you embrace your purpose of getting to give and not giving to get, blessings will pour into every area of your life and you can truly enjoy financial freedom. This devotional will help you increase and go further with what God has given you so you can live beyond blessed.

Anytime a pastor talks about money, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up just a bit. It’s always a bit uncomfortable. The televangelists of yesteryear, with their emphasis on giving and their lavish lifestyles, left a sour taste in the mouths of many people—Christian and non-Christian. That’s why it’s always a bit uncomfortable when a pastor talks about money. I say this and I am one.

But it’s with a calm assurance that Robert Morris wades into the fray—not to ask for money, not to guarantee wealth—but how to use wealth of any sort and overcome financial stress. Beyond Blessed follows up his bestselling The Blessed Life by teaching stewardship principles that help focus and refine all aspects of life, not just financial.

Now, in this ninety-day devotional adaptation, Morris has taken Beyond Blessed from its original format and chopped it up into sections meant for daily contemplation. Daily Readings from Beyond Blessed takes the very best of the full-length book, adds selected Scripture that’s appropriate to the topic, and ends with a daily prayer for inspiration and contemplation.

The readings are divided into fifteen different sections:

  1. Maximum Impact, Minimum Stress
  2. More than a Budget
  3. Your Perspective of Provision
  4. The CFO of “You, Inc.”
  5. First Things First
  6. Humbly Grateful, Not Grumbly Hateful (And let’s all take a moment to appreciate the wonder of that chapter heading.)
  7. Happy Heart, Happy Home
  8. There is Enough
  9. Great Gain
  10. The Witness Stand
  11. Aim Before You Shoot
  12. Hearses Don’t Pull U-Hauls
  13. Hello, Mr. Budget
  14. To Debt, or Not to Debt
  15. Blessed to Be a Blessing

Each day’s devotion is about two pages—five or six paragraphs—making it the perfect supplement to your daily Scripture reading. In just five to ten minutes, you can take in the day’s material and feel uplifted.

That said, while this is a solid devotional that accurately reflects the source material, there’s nothing that really pops to it. Nothing that makes it stand out from the original product. Because the material wasn’t necessarily written to be in this format, the storytelling and pacing sometimes suffers.

Between the two products, I’d tell you get Beyond Blessed. But if you’re specifically looking for a devotional that is geared toward your financial life, this is a solid option. Robert Morris has cultivated his teaching on this issue from having led a very large church in a rather wealthy community. He’s a learned resource on wealth, giving, and dealing with financial aspect of stewardship. All of that shines in Daily Readings from Beyond Blessed.