Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Board Book: We Can Talk With God – Laura Wifler and Catalina Echeverri

Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Board Book: We Can Talk with God by Laura Wifler, Catalina Echeverri
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Series: Tales that Tell the Truth Board Books
Published by Good Book Company on September 12, 2022
Genres: Children's

Teach and excite young children about prayer with this illustrated Bible board book for toddlers.

Using simple sentences and stunning illustrations, this board book excites toddlers about prayer by teaching them that Jesus’ friends can talk with him at any time, in any place, about anything.

They can say thank you, help and sorry. They can pray when they’re happy or when they’re sad. They can pray in the daytime or in the night-time. It’s amazing to talk to God.

Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Board Book features:

• a robust board-book format

• stunning illustrations by Catalina Echeverri that will delight young children

• simple sentences that will communicate truths in a way toddlers can understand

• content that provides a basic understanding of what Christian prayer is for children aged 1-3

This foundational book on prayer makes a perfect gift for toddlers.

This colorful board book introduces the concept of prayer to little children. It explains what prayer is and emphasizes that we can talk to God anywhere, at any time, about anything. The illustrations are close-ups from some of Catalina Echeveri’s illustrations in the longer book, and the pictures highlighted here show diverse children praying in different settings by themselves, with family, and with friends. Their speech bubbles give examples of what a prayer can be like, and the short sentences and simple vocabulary throughout this book make it appropriate for babies and toddlers.

Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Board Book: We Can Talk With God has the same ultimate message as the original picture book version, but it is very different. The original, much-longer book covers a variety of different topics and themes that don’t appear here, and that book fully presents the gospel story, while this one simply focuses on the concept of talking to God. If parents have children who are already growing out of basic concept books, I would encourage them to get the original title, but the two books are distinct enough to justify owning both for siblings of different ages, or for a child as they grow.

This board book is an excellent option for Christian families, churches, and Christian schools. It is sturdy and suitable for little hands, and even though it is small, it can work for a group read-aloud because the illustrations on each page are bright and vivid against a white background. This book will appeal right now and for years to come, and I am pleased with its simplicity, quality, and thoughtful design.