Under the Wings of God – Cornelius Plantinga

Under the Wings of God by Cornelius Plantinga
Published by Brazos Press on January 24, 2023
Genres: Non-Fiction, Christian Life, Devotional
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Longing. Hope. Love. Fear.
These are just some of the experiences embodied in the infinitely rich Christian life. In Under the Wings of God, seasoned author Cornelius Plantinga explores these facets and more, reflecting on the joys and challenges of a life following God.
Rooted in Scripture, this book offers wisdom about topics including the problem of suffering, the nature of Christian virtue, love of God and our neighbor, longing for redemption and reconciliation, humility, and hospitality. Plantinga delves into hard questions with a calm and pastoral authority that offers the perfect antidote for the unrest in the world and the church right now. Each reflection is presented with a Bible text and a brief prayer, useful for personal devotions or small group discussions. Readers will emerge with a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the Christian life, equipped with timeless insights into the ups and downs of a life lived in the presence of God.

Every so often, a book comes along that is transformative, which moves and alters your perception of spiritual life. Under the Wings of God by Cornelius Plantinga is one such offering. Plantinga, a seasoned theologian, prolific writer, and former president of Calvin Theological Seminary, is well-acclaimed for his insightful writings on Christian doctrine and life. With this work, he delves deeper into the theme of faith and surrender, painting an evocative picture of the Christian journey nestled in the comforting embrace of God’s protective wings.

Under the Wings of God invites us on a spiritual journey, exploring the Christian faith’s depth and breadth through stories, parables, and theological insights. It follows various characters, both fictional and biblical, as they navigate their faith amidst trials and tribulations, discovering the beauty of surrender under the protective care of a loving God. With rich metaphors and vivid narratives, Plantinga effectively crafts a tapestry of spiritual life, intertwining personal stories with theological truth that leads readers towards a deeper understanding of faith and surrender. I sort of think of him as “smart Max Lucado,” and I mean that as a compliment to both authors. Both are readable, conversational, and thoroughly true to their own winsome personalities. Lucado is pastoral; Plantinga a bit more academic. Both writing from the heart.

The book’s central theme hinges on the metaphor of finding shelter under God’s wings, a powerful image that represents God’s encompassing love and protection. Plantinga beautifully unpacks this concept, demonstrating how it manifests in the Christian walk and how surrendering to God’s sovereignty can bring about profound peace and growth. The author’s understanding of the complexities of faith, combined with his graceful storytelling, helps readers appreciate the transformative power of surrender, making this theme resonate deeply.

Under the Wings of God is divided into twenty chapters, making them easily read as a four-week weekday devotional. And that’s how I’d recommend that one reads it. Take your time with Plantinga’s thoughts, meditate on them and the passages of Scripture he discusses, and reflect on how your faith can be made deeper and more fulfilling. For those seeking a deeper understanding of the Christian faith, or for those who crave spiritual growth, Under the Wings of God by Cornelius Plantinga comes with high recommendation. Expect to be moved, enlightened, and drawn into a deeper relationship with God, nestled under the shadow of His comforting wings.