Join the Resistance – Michelle Ferrigno Warren

Join the Resistance: Step into the Good Work of Kingdom Justice by Michelle Ferrigno Warren
Published by IVP on October 4, 2022
Genres: Non-Fiction, Christian Life
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An awakening has been happening across our society. People increasingly recognize how long-standing, systemic issues have prevented many from flourishing. But often Christians are not sure how best to engage. Does it help to march and hold signs? What can we do to contribute and not further complicate things?

Faith-rooted justice advocate and activist Michelle Ferrigno Warren equips Christians to join Christ's restorative work in the world. In nearly three decades of experience, she left much of her privilege to work alongside the poor and marginalized in the restoration of individuals and communities, collaborating with community leaders, marching in streets, and meeting with and speaking truth to power. She says, "How you show up is just as important as showing up." From the grassroots to the grass tops, Warren invites us to understand our place in this moment and learn from those who have gone before: the poets and prophets who call us to resist oppression and injustice.

Biblical, historical, and contemporary examples give us ways to walk in God's righteousness, truth, and peace. We can better understand our shared solidarity, persevere in the midst of struggle, bring people along, and remain rooted in joy as we continue the good work of kingdom justice.

In her latest book, Join the Resistance, Michelle Ferrigno Warren rallies a call to arms for justice, equality, and societal change. Warren, a seasoned advocate and activist, leverages her years of experience and heartfelt passion for social justice issues, bringing forth a guide that empowers readers to make a positive difference in the world. The book extends beyond the realm of mere opinion, plunging into the trenches of practical activism, embodying the very essence of its rallying cry.

Join the Resistance is structured around a compelling narrative that invites readers into the heart of activism. That is made clear in the book’s opening words: “Injustice does not just happen, and it does not repair itself.” It chronicles Warren’s personal journey in advocacy, interspersed with compelling case studies, examples, and clear calls to action. The book provides a realistic and passionate portrayal of activism’s triumphs and trials, while also equipping readers with practical knowledge and tools to engage effectively in social justice endeavors.

The central theme of the book is about engaging in meaningful activism and fostering societal change. Warren beautifully unpacks this concept, demonstrating the transformative power of collective action and the importance of advocating for justice and equality. She emphasizes that activism isn’t merely about grand gestures or high-profile campaigns, but is rooted in everyday actions and the courage to stand against injustices, no matter how small or large they might be.

Above all else, Join the Resistance is practical. I think many people fail to become engaged in causes for justice because they don’t feel like they can make a difference. Warren shows them how, encouraging them to leverage what they have even as they grow and learn. You don’t have to have the largest platform or be the most influential—you simply need to be a faithful presence and voice of solidarity where you are.

Join the Resistance is a powerful and thought-provoking book that champions the cause of justice and equality. It serves as an inspiring call to action for anyone who yearns to make a difference. Whether you’re a seasoned activist or a newcomer to the world of social justice, Warren’s words are a crucial addition to your reading list. It not only informs but challenges and equips you to step into the world and play your part in shaping a more just and equal society.