God’s Big Promises: Advent Calendar and Family Devotions – Carl Laferton and Jennifer Davison

God’s Big Promises: Advent Calendar and Family Devotions by Carl Laferton, Jennifer Davison
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Series: God's Big Promises
Published by Good Book Company on September 1, 2023
Genres: Children's, Bible Stories, Christmas
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Advent calendar linked with God's Big Promises Bible Storybook. Includes 25 family devotions.

This attractive Advent calendar for children aged 2-7 years old is linked with God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook. It also comes with a booklet containing 25 short, simple devotions for December, to help families explore the Christmas story together.

Young children will enjoy learning about and interacting with the Christmas story.

This Advent calendar comes with a staple-bound booklet of family devotions, and although this product supplements the God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook, it also works as a standalone. The devotional book by Carl Laferton covers the Nativity story in a complete and self-contained way, including everything that families will need for their devotional study.

The booklet shares devotions for December first through Christmas Day, and each one includes prayers, simple ice-breaker questions, and short lessons that include a Bible passage about that day’s part of the story. Each devotion is just a page long, and they are very simple and engaging, with a single sentence emphasis at the end for parents to help their children remember key points. The booklet also includes small illustrations on each page that match the illustrations hidden inside the Advent calendar windows.

I really like Jennifer Davison’s art style, and the Advent calendar is bright and beautiful. However, the windows are difficult to open, and I often had to flex the whole calendar, bending the cardboard back so that the windows would pop open without me having to pry at them with my fingernails. Because of this, I would encourage parents to open the Advent calendar windows before using this with their kids, to prevent frustration and damage to the calendar.

God’s Big Promises: Advent Calendar and Family Devotions is a great resource for young families. I would recommend this to people who have enjoyed the God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook and want a deep dive for Christmas, and to people who are new to the series. The devotional readings are short, simple, and kid-friendly, sharing the Nativity story and drawing out key themes, and the Advent calendar is bold and fun. Even though the calendar has some quality issues, I like this and would recommend the resource.