Where Is Wisdom?: A Treasure Hunt Through God’s Wondrous World, Inspired by Job 28 – Scott James and Hein Zaayman

Where is Wisdom
Where Is Wisdom?: A Treasure Hunt Through God's Wondrous World, Inspired by Job 28 by Scott James
Also by this author: The Sower
Published by B&H Publishing on March 17, 2020
Genres: Children's, Bible Stories
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Where can we find wisdom? Down in the deep caverns? At the bottom of the ocean floor? This visual tour through the poetry of Job 28 parallels Scripture and leads readers on a treasure hunt through the wonders of God’s creation.   Among all the dazzling treasures this world has to offer, we learn of an even greater treasure—wisdom—and of the mighty God who alone can lead us to it. Beautifully illustrated, Where Is Wisdom? is a unique celebration of the words and imagery of Job, one that guides young readers high and low to marvel ultimately at the true end of wisdom, Jesus Christ.  

This vibrantly illustrated picture book adapts text from Job 28, showing young readers that even though determined explorers can uncover the earth’s hidden treasures, they cannot find or buy wisdom. Wisdom is only available through a right relationship with God, and the final third of this book celebrates His wisdom and power, explaining that God created and established all things, sees and knows everything, and rules over all of creation. This part of the book directly quotes Job: “The fear of the Lord, that is wisdom.” The final pages of Where Is Wisdom? build on this foundation, explaining that our search for treasure and ultimate wisdom leads us to the foot of the cross.

The author and illustrator are both very respectful to their Scriptural source material. The author paraphrases Job 28 with child-friendly explanations, and the illustrator honors visual elements of Scripture that are often lost in translation. Instead of drawing upon images that are familiar to Western readers, the illustrator conveys beautiful visions of Middle Eastern landscapes and buildings. This approach gives children a sense of the world in which Job lived, and challenges common Western-centered presentations of Scripture.

Ultimately, Where Is Wisdom? leads children to ponder the majesty of God and the truth of the gospel. Because it focuses on Old Testament poetry, not a particular narrative, it does not have a specific takeaway moral lesson, and this is an excellent way to subvert common expectations. Wisdom flows from a right relationship with God, and this book encourages children to view God with awe and wonder, not as a cosmic vending machine that will dispense rewards for good behavior. The last page provides discussion questions and additional Scripture references for parents to explore with their children, and this is an excellent resource for both families and churches.