U-Turns Tony Evans

U-Turns – Tony Evans

Tony Evans has made a name for myself with his preaching, teaching, and writing. He’s been doing it long enough now that when you open a book by him, you pretty much know what you’re […]

The Moon Speaks Jason Duesing
Children's Books

The Moon Speaks – Jason Duesing

The Moon Speaks is about much more than just the moon. It’s about the stars, the sun, clouds, snow, a stream, mountains, trees—all creation speaks to God’s glory. Author Jason Duesing and illustrator Chiara Fedele […]

Full Circle Parenting Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins

Full Circle Parenting: A Guide for Crucial Conversations – Jimmy Scroggins and Kristin Scroggins, with Leslee Bennett

In this refreshingly realistic book, Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins explain why formulaic approaches to parenting almost always end in disappointment and frustration, and they provide an adaptable, big-picture alternative. Instead of promoting a specific formula, […]