The Magnificent Names of Jesus Jimmy and Sally Dodd
Children's Books

The Magnificent Names of Jesus: Prayers and Praises to Love Him More – Jimmy Dodd, Sally Dodd, and Paran Kim

This children’s devotional book focuses on Jesus’s many names and titles, explaining what they mean and why they are important. The readings are generally about two pages long, with full-color illustrations, and they conclude with […]


Hope for the Hurting – Tony Evans

Tony Evans has been a respected voice for decades. His calm demeanor, engaging writing, and quiet wit has made his books accessible, readable, and understandable. In Hope for the Hurting, Evans lends his traditional style […]


Empower – Jeff Martin

As a church leader, one of the most difficult parts of ministry is getting volunteers. The old adage rings true: 20% of the people will do 80% of the work. What I’ve found is not […]