Jesus and Disability Chris Hulshof

Jesus and Disability – Chris Hulshof

During his earthly ministry, Jesus was deeply and personally involved in the lives of the disabled. In all four Gospels, from the beginning of his ministry to the end, Jesus heals the disabled—but more importantly, […]

Terms of Service Chris Martin

Terms of Service – Chris Martin

Social media (and the Internet at large) has pushed human behaviors to the extreme while making more people more aware of those behaviors. It’s easier than ever to share information (and lies), to make friends […]

The Magnificent Names of Jesus Jimmy and Sally Dodd
Children's Books

The Magnificent Names of Jesus: Prayers and Praises to Love Him More – Jimmy Dodd, Sally Dodd, and Paran Kim

This children’s devotional book focuses on Jesus’s many names and titles, explaining what they mean and why they are important. The readings are generally about two pages long, with full-color illustrations, and they conclude with […]