Talking About Race Isaac Adams

Talking About Race – Isaac Adams

I’ve read a lot of books on racial relations, particularly from a Christian perspective, and after a while you begin to recognize the familiar beats. Most books are written to rally the troops. Some books […]

Person of Interest J Warner Wallace

Person of Interest – J. Warner Wallace

Ever since Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ, apologetic via non-theologians have become increasingly in vogue. Strobel used his journalistic experience to investigate the claims of Scripture, treating the life and resurrection of Jesus like […]

Malestrom Carolyn Custis James

Malestrom – Carolyn Custis James

Before there was Kristin Kobes Du Mez and Beth Allison Barr, there was Carolyn Custis James. I don’t know what the general reaction to the original 2015 version of Malestrom: How Jesus Dismantles Patriarchy and […]