Gospel Driven Ministry Jared C Wilson

Gospel-Driven Ministry – Jared C. Wilson

Pastors should be aware that Wilson is Southern Baptist and Gospel-Driven Ministry reflects that background. In the opening pages of Wilson’s introduction to the calling and work of a pastor, he is overtly clear that […]

Turn Your Season Around Darryl Strawberry

Turn Your Season Around

Darryl Strawberry was living the dream. The first overall MLB draft pick in 1980, Strawberry quickly moved through the ranks to become a fan-favorite perennial all-star whose career track was compared to Hank Aaron. But […]


How to Fight Racism – Jemar Tisby

How to Fight Racism should be required study for the white evangelical church. Jemar Tisby writes with razor-sharp clarity and precision, defining each and every one of his terms in exacting manner. Tisby doesn’t just […]

White Lies Daniel Hill

White Lies – Daniel Hill

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure about White Lies. I had the same feeling when I read through White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo? With so many people of color—Jemar Tisby, Brenda Salter McNeil, […]

Love Matters More Jared Byas

Love Matters More – Jared Byas

I grew up in a tradition that valued the intellectual aspect of Christianity. I was (and am) very truth-oriented in my approach to Christianity, something that has led to a keen interest in apologetics. But […]

Sacred Pathways Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas – Sacred Pathways

If you understand the Church, then you know that it comes in many different forms. You have the ritual and tradition and see/smell/taste physicality of high church denominations like Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. You have […]