Searching for Home – Chantal Bourgonje

Searching for Home by Chantal Bourgonje
Published by Beaming Books Genres: Children's
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Noa is an excellent finder. But he can't seem to find any friends.

Noa the house-sprite likes his home . . . but it doesn't have any friends in it. Determined to change that, Noa sets out on an adventure to find a home with friends. Along the way, he meets Bear, Ferret, and Wolf. Together they face daunting dangers and witness breathtaking beauty, all in search of a new home . . . until they come to realize that maybe the real home is the friendships they made along the way.

The timeless message and whimsical art of Searching for Home make this the perfect gift book for folktale enthusiasts and fairy tale lovers. Young readers will resonate with Noa's hunt for true friendship, and might just be inspired to go on an adventure or two of their own. Oftentimes, rich friendships are waiting just around the corner.

Searching for Home is a simple story about a house-sprite named Noa. He likes his house, but it doesn’t have any friends in it. Noa is good at finding things, so he goes off in search of friends. He’s first joined by a bear, then a ferret, then a wolf—and they travel together all in search of home. The journey isn’t always easy, but it’s exciting and exhilarating and when they reach the end…they’re right back at Noa’s house. The story and message are simple: You find friendship in the journey.

I take some solace in this as someone whose life has indeed been a journey. My kids will have lived on three continents in five years here shortly. The house can sometimes feel like a lonely, friendless place and it’s out in the world amongst adventure that friendships are forged.

There’s not really much more to say about this little book. The illustrations are engaging, the narrative flows well. The theme of the story is both evident yet not spelled out. What I take from this is that the journey of life is what brings friendship and that we must go out and seek community rather than hope community comes to us.