All about Bible Animals: Over 100 Amazing Facts about the Animals of the Bible – Simona Piscioneri

All about Bible Animals: Over 100 Amazing Facts About the Animals of the Bible by Simona Piscioneri
Published by Good Book Company on April 1, 2023
Genres: Children's, Bible Stories, Children's Educational
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Kids 7 years+ will love this fun and fascinating book bursting with colorful photography and facts about Bible animals. It also explores the Bible stories they connect to, starting with creation and ending with Peter’s vision in Acts 10.

Inside the pages of All about Animals, you’ll find:

- engaging content suitable for children aged 7-10

- colorful photography.

- punchy facts in easy-to-read formats to encourage and inform even reluctant readers.

- a quiz at the end to test what kids have learned!

- Perfect for Homeschool Co-ops

And all in a hardback format, making this the perfect gift.

As well as providing fascinating facts about Bible animals, this resource will help children to engage with the Bible in a whole new way and marvel at the God who made everything. As author Simona Piscioneri says in her introduction:

“The Bible says that when we look at his creation, it helps us understand God. Next time you are amazed by the details of a tiny ladybird, the swimming action of a platypus or the strength of a soaring eagle, remember: that’s God showing you what he is like.”

This engaging, photographically illustrated book introduces kids to fun facts about animals and explores the role that animals played in Scripture, both in terms of their participation in Bible stories and their inspiration as metaphors. For example, there is a section about lions related to the story of Daniel and the lion’s den, and there is also a page about deer inspired by Psalm 42:1-2. All about Bible Animals starts with creation and ends in Acts, with each animal section relating to a Scripture passage. These sections appear in sequence based on the order of the books of the Bible.

Each double page spread about a different animal includes striking photographs and interesting facts. Simona Piscioneri explains how each animal connects with the Bible, and includes fast facts related to the animals. She also includes glossary sidebars and historical notes to help explain things. The layout will appeal to kids who like the DK Eyewitness series, and unlike many recent imitators, this book isn’t flashy or overstimulating. On every page, there’s a lot going on, but it doesn’t feel cluttered and is easy to read in flow. My main critique is that even though the author briefly addresses Old Testament animal sacrifice and acknowledges that young animal lovers may find it distressing, her explanation will be too short and oversimplified for kids with serious reservations or confusion about it.

All about Bible Animals: Over 100 Amazing Facts about the Animals of the Bible is a great resource for families, Christian schools, and homeschool groups. There are lots of wonderful nonfiction books about animals on the market, and there are lots of books about animals in Bible stories, but I don’t know of anything else that combines these two topics in the same way. This will appeal to a broad age range, especially if parents simplify it for younger kids and leave out some of the more complex information when reading it aloud. Elementary-aged kids will enjoy reading this to themselves, and the variety of information offered can inspire repeat readings.