Love God Greatly Study Bible

Love God Greatly
Love God Greatly NET Study Bible Published by Thomas Nelson on October 6, 2020
Genres: Academic
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The Love God Greatly Bible encourages and equips women to meet God on the pages of Scripture. Each feature in this Bible is beautifully designed to help you engage with God’s Word so you can know the abiding love of a faithful God.
Each book includes an extensive introduction to give context, followed by a reading plan that uses a simple, proven framework—Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer—to guide you through the text. Additional reflection and challenge questions are provided to go deeper on particular passages, and wide margins are provided for taking notes.
While knowing God is a personal journey, as a believer, you join the global community of faith. This Bible includes testimonies of women from around the world to connect and strengthen you in your pursuit of God in any place and circumstance.
Features include:
Thomas Nelson’s exclusive NET Comfort Print® typefaceOver 60 country profiles with nation-specific prayer guides, plus verses highlighting God’s promises to the nationsPowerful testimonies from women around the world whose lives have been changed through engaging with ScriptureMore than 150 devotionals and memory verse list for deeper reflection50 reading plansOne-year reading planTopical index, and original full-color, in-text mapsReflection and challenge questions included in each book of the BibleOriginal word art for each book of the BibleTwo satin ribbon markers9.5-point print size

Finding a new Bible can be overwhelming. There are dozens of translations, with and without study notes, with and without commentary, and the list goes on. What makes the Love God Greatly Bible stand out? Well, first, it’s a Bible created by women, for women. Love God Greatly is primarily a women’s ministry who provides Bibles and Bible studies to women globally, with the stated desire to “help EVERY WOMAN in EVERY NATION have access to God’s Word in THEIR LANGUAGE.” LGG has a network of trained translators who have translated their Bible studies into 20+ languages and it’s from this background that this Bible was formed.

The Commentary | Love God Greatly

I can remember in the 1990s, my mom had a “women’s Bible.” It was NIV. It was pink. That was it. Nothing different from the “regular” Bible, except for the cover (which may have had a flower on it, now that I think of it.) Which is, quite frankly, kind of silly. That’s not this. Love God Greatly contains book introductions, reflection questions, reading plans, and devotionals that are all written from a female perspective.

One of my favorite aspects are the testimonials, where Love God Greatly partners with women from forty-five countries who share their insights and stories of faith. There’s a very communal nature about it. While the scholarly aspect is top-notch, there’s also the quality of connecting with other women the world over.

I very much appreciate that the commentary is female-led. All too often, material we market toward women (particularly in the Christian market) have no female voices. It can be difficult for women to truly see themselves in Scripture, given the Bible’s patriarchal societal context. A Bible that not only highlights women of faith, but also female scholars and Bible teachers goes a long way in making women feel seen.

The Translation | New English Bible (NET)

The Bible is in the NET translation, a translation I had recently become familiar with because of availability for use without copyright. While most modern translations are considered proprietary properties of their respective publishers, the NET Bible’s copyright allows for extensive free ministry use.

Of course, that means nothing if it isn’t a good translation. I’m not an expert, but—yeah, it’s a very readable, very faithful, well-presented and transparent translation. The NET scholars have allowed unheard of transparency, publishing every working draft and openly discussing all translational choices. Why did the NET choose a particular wording? You can find out easily. You might not agree, but you’re at least given a rationale for the viewpoint. Wayne Grudem even mentions that scholars behind the ESV relied partially on the NET translational notes for their own work.

The NET has become one of my favorite translations and if you’re making the switch from NIV or ESV, I think you’ll find it a comparable (NIV) or better (ESV) read.