Luther on Leadership David Cook

Luther on Leadership – ed. David Cook

Martin Luther, the Great Reformer, is one of the most well-known leaders of an era and yet very little has been written specifically on his practical or theoretical outlook on leadership. Luther’s writings and his […]

Already Sanctified Don Payne

Already Sanctified – Don Payne

Sanctification can sometimes be reduced in popular theology to discipleship. Justification is God’s work—we are saved by grace through faith—but sanctification is sometimes perceived as “our part” of salvation. Theologian Don J. Payne tackles that […]

Charitable Writing Richard Hughes Gibson and James Edward Beitler III

Charitable Writing: Cultivating Virtue Through Our Words – Richard Hughes Gibson and James Edward Beitler III

In Charitable Writing, two English professors share insight into how Christian writing programs can encourage students to glorify God and love their neighbor through their writing. Richard Hughes Gibson and James Edward Beitler III taught […]

Those 7 References - John F Dwyer

Those Seven References – John F. Dwyer

For longer than I’ve been alive, sexual orientation and gender identity have been at the forefront of the so-called “culture wars” and been a hot-button issue within religious and political circles. Many on the conservative […]