Church Communications Katie Allred

Church Communications – Katie Allred

Churches are almost famously bad at communication. We’re talking about an institution where, in 2022, the primary method of information is still the printed bulletin. The secondary method, of course, being the church sign. Churches […]

Wondrously Wounded Brian Brock

Wondrously Wounded – Brian Brock

Since its release in 2020, Wondrously Wounded: Theology, Disability, and the Body of Christ has become the textbook for disability theology. Let’s begin with Dr. Brock’s credentials for this book. Brian Brock is the editor-in-chief […]

Christian Apologetics Douglas Groothius

Christian Apologetics – Douglas Groothius

An updated edition from the original 2011 text, Christian Apologetics is a massive tome that comprehensively covers apologetics from a classical, evangelical perspective. Douglas Groothius divides the book into three parts: apologetic preliminaries, the case […]