The God Contest | Tales That Tell The Truth Board Book

The God Contest Board Book: Jesus Is the Real God! (Tales That Tell the Truth for Toddlers) by Carl Laferton
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Published by Good Book Company on March 1, 2024
Genres: Children's, Bible Stories
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Using simple sentences and stunning illustrations, this board book shows toddlers that Jesus has proved in history that he is the real God, who rules everything and loves everyone. The God Contest Board Book • a robust board-book format.• stunning illustrations by Catalina Echeverri that will delight young children.• simple sentences that will communicate truths in a way toddlers can understand.• content that helps children aged 1-3 be confident that in Elijah's time, and in coming as Jesus, God has proved who he really is. Makes a perfect gift for toddlers.

Tales That Tell the Truth remains one of my favorite children’s Bible story series ever. My only problem with them? My kids loved them a bit too much. While they’re older now, I really could have benefited from a board book version when they were littler. And that’s exactly what The Good Book Company is now doing—rolling out adapted board book versions of the original full length picture books. This isn’t necessarily an easy task. The art has to be adapted to a new size and format. The text has to be simplified. It’s not just about publishing with a different book type. And The Good Book Company handles it well.

The God Contest is a retelling of the story of Elijah’s challenge to the prophets of Baal and God’s demonstration that they are the real God. The opening panels set up the challenge: King Ahab and Queen Jezebel said Baal was the real God. Elijah said “God is the real God!” How could anyone know for sure?

The second set of panels explain the contest: Each side will try to get their God to set fire to some wood. The third set of panels show the futility of the priests of Baal. The fourth set depicts Elijah’s simple prayer. And then, the fifth set…FIRE. The final sets of panels transition to tell us about how the coming of Jesus shows us who God is. These panels are bit disconnected from the main story—the full picture book handles the transition better—but there’s nothing wrong with ending the story with a reminder about Jesus, is there?

Best of all, this is a high quality board book. It’ll stand up to the rigors of a toddler and it’ll offer them a nice transition into the full paper picture book later.