Self to Lose, Self to Find: Using the Enneagram to Uncover Your True, God-Gifted Self – Marilyn Vancil

Self to Lose, Self to Find
Self to Lose, Self to Find: Using the Enneagram to Uncover Your True, God-Gifted Self by Marilyn Vancil
Published by Convergent Books on September 1, 2020
Genres: Non-Fiction, Christian Life
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Discover the growth that's possible when we understand our authentic selves as God intended by exploring more deeply the Enneagram tool, paired with profound scriptural insights. "This book is a gem. It's one of the top books I recommend."--Ian Morgan Cron, author of The Road Back to You
"An accessible, biblical and practical roadmap for anyone who wants to live fully into their true, authentic, God-given identity. I highly recommend it!"--Brenda Salter McNeil, author of Becoming Brave

The Enneagram--a system of nine interconnected personality types--has been developed over many years to offer opportunities for personal development and provide a foundation for understanding others.
Now a certified Enneagram coach shows how a scriptural perspective can lead us to a path of freedom. In Self to Lose, Self to Find, Marilyn Vancil unpacks our human dilemma, sets the scriptural foundation, explores the nine Enneagram personalities, and shows us practical ways to have a more meaningful life and healthier relationships. At its best, the Enneagram doesn't merely describe who we are, but shows us why we do what we do. It invites us to see the innate gifts and inclinations of our original design--the person we were before trials and traumas began to shape us. It also reveals the strategies and false narratives that keep us from becoming who we're truly meant to be.
Vancil offers a compelling biblical case for the Enneagram by drawing from John 12:24, which describes how we, like seeds, construct a protective coat that helps us survive in a world where we encounter challenges and insecurities. But for us to truly live a fruitful life, we must allow the protective coat to soften and fall away in order to grow.
This is what sets Vancil apart as both a seasoned Enneagram expert and a spiritual director: Within a scriptural context, she demonstrates how the Enneagram can be a vehicle for growth and transformation by laying out the realities of each Enneagram type, affirming the inherent genius of each type, showcasing the unhealthy tendencies of each type's false self, and illuminating the undeniable path to freedom for each one.
Combining rich biblical wisdom with Enneagram wisdom and real-life experiences, this compelling resource is a must for anyone who longs for a happier, freer life.

Marilyn Vancil explains the Enneagram personality system in reference to Scripture, focusing on God’s commands for us to take off the old self and put on the new. She explains that when someone understands their type, they can leave behind their “adapted self” and discover who God intended them to be. Self to Lose, Self to Find: Using the Enneagram to Uncover Your True, God-Gifted Self is a great resource for Enneagram beginners, aficionados, and skeptics alike. Vancil explores the congruent relationship between the Enneagram and a Scriptural understanding of human nature, and shares guidance for how readers can grow by integrating this new self-understanding into their relationships and spiritual life.

Vancil breaks down complex ideas into understandable forms, and because she builds on the Enneagram system gradually, instead of introducing all of the elements at once, she keeps the book from becoming overwhelming and confusing. She also avoids the common trap of sharing long, intimate stories about different people in her life. She gives the book a personal touch through her concrete illustrations of abstract ideas, but she never narrows her focus to particular type expressions that she has seen in herself or others. All of the descriptions are broadly applicable.

This is a revised, updated edition of the author’s previous book. Since I have not read the other, I do not know how this compares or what is different about it, but I enjoyed it very much. I appreciate the author’s emphasis on personal growth, and about how the Enneagram can help people recognize and move away from the sinful and broken ways that they see the world and engage with others. This book encourages readers to grow into the positive traits that God has given them, and is a clear, positive, and encouraging guide.